Benjamin-Newton 2.0: Life Changes Everything

Benjamin-Newton 2.0: Life Changes Everything

Life Changes Everything

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I have a new domain set up called - Clarity in a Confusing World

I have officially dropped,,, and and they will no longer be mine nor redirect to any of my websites. I am making things simpler and cheaper for me and less confusing for when I deal with technical people. These will eventually be bought up by entirely different people and be used for any purpose like just for ads., on the other hand, will remain mine for the forseeable future.


Cynical Believer

I do trust God and the Bible completely for what He has promised. I just trust no one or nothing else. I also believe in Murphy's Law - anything that can go wrong will. I do not equate learning with formal schooling, I do not equate the Church with any religious institution, and I don't equate justice with the legal system. by Ben Huot

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