Lizard Brain

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by Ben Huot

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June 28, 2023

Like being on night watch
Where there is either boredom or terror
There is nothing in between

Balance eludes us
Emotions scream or cry
But the adrenaline keeps coming

With each step forward
Our brain responds
By going into automatic mode
Impulse proceeds action
But not by much

The cave man brain doesn’t think much
He is overcome by feelings
Spilling out from the heart
He speaks out loud
His innermost feelings

The cave man and social brain
Are in a constant struggle for power
It all comes down to timing

Does the social brain understand
What the cave man brain is planning?

The social side is preoccupied with
How to be ready for the cave man brain
And how to respond well

But the cave man brain just keeps going
He keeps doing the same thing
His advantage is repetition

In an argument over what is real
And over what is relevant

The social brain is so busy thinking
That he is not aware
As the cave man brain sneaks by
The social brain turns around
And the cave man brain has already won

How does the social brain win?
How is the cycle broken?

Maybe being more aware of surroundings
And less about what is being planned

If the social brain can be more vigilant
And surpass the speed of the cave man brain
If it is practiced enough
It can become second nature

But better yet maybe we can lean on God
To do the heavy lifting
Like re-wiring both brains

When we are not fast enough
Maybe we can pray more
And think less

Maybe we should just think before we act
Slowing everything down makes sense
But what happens to all the adrenaline
Running through my veins?

If we get relaxed
We fall asleep
That can cause other problems

Instead of suppressing the cave man brain
Maybe we can find
An appropriate use for him

Maybe my source of tenacity and stubbornness
Comes from this great energy
Flowing through me

Maybe it can give me the
Courage to face each day
Even though my paranoia runs deep

Elite troops train their brains
So they still fear but that
They use it to their advantage

Is it possible to put the cave man brain
Under lock and key
So well that he can never control the situation?

This is a race against time
That consumes most my available energy

The trade off might be I can no longer
Stay awake long enough to get out
And meet other people

A person can be so sedated
That they sleep almost constantly

If a person does not fight
The sedatives to a degree
They will never lose weight
Or do anything worthwhile

Even taking your medicine
Becomes much more difficult

Then you are likely to get depressed
Which is the other side of paranoia

You can try to balance all these things
You say the wrong thing sometime
And some people may not accept you
But this is better than you not even trying

The fear of rejection
Should not be able to take
Over you desire to leave your house

It is not like depression hurts
Any less than paranoia either
It would be nice to have a break from both
Paranoia and depression

But that is unlikely
Until the brain is understood much better
Which is the most complicated thing
We can possibly understand

We are literally trying to understand our brain
With our brain

Computers can process data very fast
And follow detailed instructions

But only people and maybe animals
Can reason out abstract concepts