Another Option

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

How do we define loneliness
In the midst of family support?
How do we define patience
In the midst of a time of waiting
That the whole world shares in?

In some ways it seems
I experience life in a kind of microcosm
Or the world seems to be a reflection of my mind

As the world comes together
Our country is torn apart
As my mind is continually healed by God
Living long is less enticing

Some see suffering
As best answered by supporting those in pain
I seek to answer suffering
By reducing the amount of pain

It may seem selfish
But I am as interested in reducing my pain
As much as I am interested
In reducing the pain of others

Every decade it seems that life speeds up
With the passing of each law
The powerful get wealthier
With the increase of surveillance
The poor lose out more

A big part of government
Is in securing the wealth of the country
A big part of its downfall
Is in destroying the wealth of other countries

Getting along with others is hard
Sometimes I find the more aggressive
Homeless and authority figures
Difficult to relate with
Even stuffed toys can have trouble getting along

But if we don’t want to be communities of one
Or lack any government
We are going to have to accept
Some degree of difference in society

Unfortunately you cannot choose who it is
That you need to get along with
Much as you cannot always fight countries you agree with

In fact there are voices in each of our minds
Some are louder than others
It tends to be that the louder ones are more negative
And the whispering voices tend to be more positive

It is hard to fight the direction of the world
When you have no interest in violence
And no interest in wealth or fame either

Many see the government or industry as the problem
But what if the problem is within each one of us?
What if the solution to our problems
Comes from changing our minds and lives?

What if instead of trusting other people
We committed to trusting God alone?
What kind of society would exist
If we saw the problems as the outcomes of our own decisions?

Where we did not seek to make others
Think and act like us?

When a large part of society
Will never work together for the common good
Maybe we need to focus on God
To get people to see the consequences of their actions

Some focus on personal or group sin
But what if they were basically the same thing?
Once everyone realizes we all need to change us
More than we need to change others
We will have evolved morally a little

How do good people divide over such clear cut problems
When it comes to the details?
Maybe instead of expecting someone else to suffer
For what they have done
Maybe we can expect ourselves to forgive them

Because we realize that morality stretches
Far beyond what is legal or not legal
We are all in the same boat morally and spiritually

The struggles I face within me
The pain of just existing
Seem so overwhelming sometimes
That what happens around the world
Often seems easier to solve

Sometimes I wonder why we spend so much time
Worrying what happens at the other side off the world
When we have never spoken to our neighbors

I wonder how people who are not kind
Can claim to be patriots
Or those who do not believe in the bill of rights in spirit
Can think they are true Americans?

For those who think the military
Is such a great use of government funds
They accept almost everyone
For those who think people at he bottom get paid too much
I am sure those jobs are open for you as well

For those who think it is easy to live in a tent
Or get all those free services
Try living that way for a while

For those irritated that poor people
Sometimes get away with crimes
We all commit sins
What is your sin carried with it a prison sentence?

For all those who think they make too little in America
The poverty line in America is above
75% of the world’s income