Christianity is Revolutionary

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

Our society is formed around the idea
That the good of the group
Is more important
Than the good of the individual

Society sees people as groups
God sees us as individuals
He always has time for us

The kindness in His leadership
Is one of the most revolutionary aspects
Of the character of God

God not only leads by example
He defeated evil by being weak

He is more Human than any of us
But He shows people can both
Be strong leaders
While suffering injustice
And be kind even when in pain

He started the first social revolution
Lesser leaders throughout history
Have tried to control and exploit
His message for their gain

But Scripture is clear on this
That God is slow to anger
And quick to forgive

He is better than us in every way
But He uses His power to heal
Not only is God our Creator
He heals us as well
In ways doctors still cannot

When the problems are too big
For people or the Church to tackle
God will step in and work directly
This is sometimes called
Divine intervention or the miraculous

But the world is bigger than
What is recorded in the Bible
And God loves everyone even non-Christians
Especially non-Christians

Christianity is something everyone can participate in
All are called and welcome
Christ is the ultimate frontier
Through Who we can truly begin again
That is why salvation is also called being born again

If we are to truly understand
More of what Christ has said
We need to take forgiveness seriously
And need to be kind to everyone

We need not support any group
That fails to abide by these morals

Some may think me unpatriotic
But I carry serious emotional and physical scars
Directly from my service to my country

That to a great extent
Seriously limit my possibilities
And what I can achieve and help in

But my loyalty is to God alone
I will not suffer anymore
For any ideology other than Christianity

Does America do good in this world?
Yes, but it is not worth the cost
What we have to do to maintain the world empire
Is not moral or kind
I do not want to live at the expense of others

Sometimes when someone calls for a revolution
They are trying to change things politically
Obviously from history and human nature this not work
The problems are institutional
Which means they are spiritually driven

It makes no sense to try to fight the devil
God has already defeated him
And will fight the battles we encounter on our behalf

Even though the entirety of the world’s power
Could not defeat the devil at all
God often sends just one angel to control the devil

As powerful as evil is to us
It does not stand a chance against God
God does not struggle to do this kind of thing

It did take a struggle to die on the cross for us
We also experience what we imagine
Is a similar level of struggle
When we live out our faith
Through trials and tribulations

The only limits God has are the ones
He places on Himself
He will not force us to go to Heaven

I am a very creative person
At least that its what most people tell me
But there are some things it is unwise
To be completely creative in without limits

Some examples include problem solving or laws
Accounting and the military
Do not usually encourage creativity
So it is with theology

There are many things
You can be creative with in Christianity
But theology has eternal consequences
If you get too creative with the obvious stuff

There are always consequences
And nothing is free without cost of some kind
Christianity was not free for Christ
And living as a Christian will involve suffering

The difference is with Christ
You get the support of the Church
And God living inside you
In addition to reconciliation with God
For this life and eternity