To The Conservative Friend (To no one in particular)

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

Talking About Politics

Friend in a parallel world
I reach out with open arms

Then I hear your thoughts
They hit me like a freight train
Tears pour down my face
And my face burns

You think what?

Parallel worlds are not so different
When our opinions don’t matter

If you try to fight a ghost
How can you win
When you don’t even know
Where or who is your enemy?

Talking About Faith

We all are loved by God
And choose to please Him
At all cost

We fail Him regularly and equally
When the alternatives is more suffering
The path forward is obvious, if narrow

The weight of the cross can be so great
We cannot even always stand upright

It is hard to stand your ground
When your burden outweighs your strength

Usually soldiers crawls on their bellies
To delay the ending of their lives

If you think how your vote matters so much
Why do you invest so much in religion?

When you need every heart
It does not help to break even one

The devil is nothing compared to God
But we are little compared to the power of evil

How do I let God fight my battle for me
When I am so spiritually blind
To all that is good and right?

Calling to God in a dream
And all evil vanishes
And I am wide awake

Maybe the problem is that I take on too much
And should leave this to God

I feel so weak sometimes
That I am not sure I can make my own decisions

When choice ends in continual suffering
You have to find another way
To fight your battles

Sometimes I wonder if it is good
To have enough knowledge
To stay away from evil
But sometimes this grows
To just enough to pull you in

Everyone thinks they will never fail
Until they deploy to war

Talking About Philosophy

Sometimes being alone
Is less lonely
Than being around people constantly

Sometimes we need room to breathe
And time to think

It is only in self reflection
That we gain self knowledge

It is only in prayer and Bibles study
That we learn the heart of God

Some things we will never understand
And then there are things that
We may never want to understand

So many people plan to ask God many questions
But how many of them will be relevant?

We an easily be sidetracked
Doing noble and good things
Like trying to win

The sad part is that to win
Someone has to lose

Talking About Competition

How can I not consider my victory
In terms of how the opponent
Experiencing the reverse situation?

But I trust God enough
To never feel sorry for the devil

Only in terms of true evil
Is it acceptable to defeat and destroy

But how can we hate other people
When we know we have just as many problems?

How can we make others suffer
Or experience loss and defeat
When we already know how this feels?

Why can’t we treat each other
As friends rather than rivals?

But this is hard when our very survival
Happens at the expense of others
We are safe and happy
Directly because others suffer immensely

The first shall be last
And the last shall be first

Maybe we need to adopt
The leadership style of Christ
Could you imagine a human leader
Who had no ego?

Is it possible to be like Christ
In a competitive environment?
Is ambition compatible with Christianity?

When we see a problem
Why do we first think
Whose fault is it?
Instead of how can I help?

Part of it is now about trust
It is not wise to say everything you feel anymore
Even if it does not challenge anyone’s position of power

If only we could be fully honest
And others would return the favor

But honestly we want what others have
We don’t ask God when we need something
And when we do it is for self gain