Holy Spirit

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by Ben Huot


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October 11, 2022

My Best Friend
My Eternal Companion
My First Love
And my Muse

Like a breath of fresh air
After being pulled under the ocean
Or inhaling a mouth full of acid reflux

As gentle as a stuffed toy
Wiser than an animal
My Best Counselor
Who truly understands my mental illness

If I am fearful
You bring me peace
When depressed
You encourage me

Each day You guide me
You are more real everyday
You are the source
Of all good within me

Knowing You will always
Live within me
Soothes my wildest fears
And gives me courage
To do what is right
Despite the consequences

Your character is without blemish
You are God within me
You are my conscience

I can always trust You
As You never lie
You speak softly
Your words are like music

May I see through Your eyes
So my world is less troubling
So I can face the future
Without assuming the worst

Only You can satisfy
My heart, mind, and soul

You are older than creation
But You make me new again
You are God
You always give a second chance

I do not always
Recognize how You work
And I don’t always appreciate You
Like I should

I can feel You within my soul
And You calm my mind
You reveal to my the secrets of the Bible
You direct my thoughts towards good things

I am blessed by Your presence
And understand spiritual truths
Because You have healed my mind

I find my way in a hostile world
Because You gave me a creative mind

You are the only hope for the world
Everyone who is creative
Owes You for their ideas and their creative works
You deserve the copyright for every creation

You control history
And all reality is smaller than You

You were with Jesus and the Father
At creation and in the life of Christ
You started the Church at Pentecost

We have a real connection with God
That only exists because of You
We are honored
That You choose to dwell within us

I do appreciate Your Church
In both people and spiritually
But You are both more real to me
And a greater blessing

You are the source of all
That is good in the world
Without You creation would never have happened
What was it like to live
Before You created us?

I cannot imagine the sorrow You experience
When we do not follow You
Or when we break our contract
You are ever merciful

You speak through us
When we do not know
What words to say
When we do not know
What to pray for

I appreciate that You respect me enough
To never force me to do anything I don’t want

But I cannot understand
Why You gave people free will
When we make such bad choices

You do everything for me
And all I do in return
Is try to be better
And learn from my mistakes
And those of others

Please stay with me forever
And give me the strength
To do what is right
Even when I am stubborn
And fight Your perfect plan