Hope for the Future

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by Ben Huot


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October 11, 2022

Sight is only one kind of knowing
Darkness is not a color
There are things we may never know
But also things we wish we didn’t

Waiting upon God is hard
Like waiting for food
Especially when in pain

Each day that we live
We learn a little more
But without hope for better times
It is easy to get lost

I wish I could save everyone
But some things are only God’s to do
I try to learn from others’ experiences
But that is not so easily done

With my mental illness
I seek symbols and connections
Even places where there are few to none

Our lives can have meaning
Even in a world that makes little sense

What is the point of discovering why we suffer
If we cannot use it to reduce suffering?
What is the point of knowledge
If it does not make us better people?

As we get older do we really grow?
Does experience actually result in wisdom?

When the smartest people in the world
Believe that things came out of nothing
And our decisions create separate time lines
Is life a cruel joke?

Are we part of a grand game
Initiated by a higher power?
The pagan world is cruel
And so is life without God

Christ may not be the answer
For why your computer doesn’t work
But He is the answer
To what I should do with my life

If we are to truly evolve
Maybe we need a moral revolution

To go forward we need better memory
We need to look into the past
To find a way into the future
That does not bring severe depression

Can we get past God?
Can a computer achieve enlightenment?
Or can a person become a virus?

We seek answers in the form of math
Maybe for some problems poetry is more useful

In an age where everything is temporary
And most things are stolen
Where does our truth come from?
Who can we trust?

When no one cares about anything anymore
Than their fame, money, and power
Seeking wisdom is futile and irrelevant
But this is only an illusion

Just as we see this moral battle
Played out on the world stage
So this moral battle also takes place
Within each of our minds

Does anyone care anymore?
Is God relevant today?
Are eating and sleeping still relevant?
Do we no longer need water or air?

Some questions may be better answered
By the choices we make
Than the creeds we commit to

Just as getting rid of vice laws
And increasing the aggression of police
Are slowly unwinding trust

So giving up on God
Gives us few reasons
To want a society at all

Being around people can be discouraging
This is truly why we need
Time alone with God

The greatest desire today
Is what it has always been
How can I be happy?

Is happiness the absence of pain?
Or satisfying our need for God?

As we reduce our existence
To finding food, shelter, and clothing
What empowers us to make good choices
Is harder to find

As we increase the volume of our voices
It is harder to hear God

With each decision we make
We become different people
Has your experience in life
Brought you closer or farther from God?

I have learned to trust no one
Least of all myself
But my respect for God grows
The more I learn of Him

Christ is the best example we can have
But if we do not have the Holy Spirit
Living within our souls
We are never going to be better people

Without being better people
We will never have a better world
And without progress it is easy to give up

Maybe the world will just fade away
As everyone just gives up
As society seems to get worse
No matter how we try to fix it

Maybe we will remember God
And allow Him to work in our lives
And therefore transform our world
This is my hope for the future