Like a Diamond

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

Faith shines like a rainbow
A bridge between God and people

Like a portal to another world
An inter-dimensional road
That leads to paradise

People think Heaven is far away
Or dying is traumatic
Maybe it is like waking up
From a bad dream

Like a wounded animal
It cries and bleeds
The echoes of the cross
Can be heard throughout history

Suffering is the human condition
But Christ is the best answer
When we look to what faith is
The most direct answer is Christ

Like a diamond simple from afar
The brilliance spreads out
In every direction
Just like the grace of God

Why does taking on the life of Christ
Lead to less suffering?

The source of our suffering is our sin
We are not always protected from
The consequences of the sin of the other

We can be protected from our own sin
If we would but fight for it

When we fall we hit hard
But we can always get back up
Because the soul cannot be destroyed
And God absorbs what we cannot take

We are as morally elusive as water
And our hearts hard as ice
Let God warm our hearts
And lead the flow of our emotions

Just like you can see rainbows
In the middle of mud puddles
So God’s grace shines in even the dirty

No matter how big our problems get
Or how much we think we have learned
We can never get beyond the cross

At every stage of life and history
We all need God to deal with life

In this age we seek to explain everything
But our questions are all oriented around the how
When we think we have the answers
We cannot hear the voice of God

Is it still worth questioning life’s problems?

We can never solve problems
If we do not examine them
But we need to focus on the Who more
Than the how or even the why

It is worth noting the source of our problems
But let us not forget the origin
Of all human problems

We cannot heal our hearts
Until we are willing to let them break
We cannot see the brilliance of grace
Without the second sight of faith

Maybe we became spiritually blind
When our culture became too visual
Maybe there is a correlation
Between the loss of sight and the start of wisdom

We currently live in a world of lies
The most valuable thing today is the truth
Knowledge is just a commodity
But the truth is harder to find than ever before

Just as a diamond is transparent
So should our character be

We an only be the light of the world
If we allow God
To burn off our imperfections

And we can only be clean
By the blood of Christ

Like a diamond
We are to reflect the attributes of Christ

We cannot live the life of Christ
But we can be a poor reflection
Of how much He cares

If there is enough light
Even a cloudy diamond
Can reflect the light

And light is most visible
When it is so dark we cannot see

We are righteous by Divine declaration
Even as we have not reached that in our actions

We are lights to the world
As God has chosen us to be that light

We cannot step back
Or sit on the sidelines
There is no turning back

We are chosen
And have accepted the call
We are already fully committed

God will not allow us to outrun Him
There is no escape from His love
And we will be sanctified
No matter how much we fight it

He has already prepared the way
And He carries us when needed
Once we see the light of His grace
We will never be the same

May the light of God
Blind us to all lies

May the brilliance of His love
Heal us from all sorrow

May the world see us no more
But only Christ’s reflection in us