One Person at a Time

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

When I was a young adult
I would fall down into rabbits holes
Searching for answers

I wanted to be a Christian
In different way

My home church
That I grew up in
Inspired me immensely

But I also got the impression
Of Christians being arrogant

I know that the Church
And especially my local church
It is not the same as God

It is very hard for the moral
To see their need for God
But it is also hard for the fallen
To rise back in faith

We think in our society
That most people are good
And our problems come from a few

But the Bible teaches the opposite
Everyone is equal in the Church
Because we are all morally fallen

Like most religions understand
Evil originates in our thoughts
There is no need to battle our actions

If we control our thoughts
We can reform ourselves

It is so hard to do this
That few or none ever achieve this
This is without the Grace of God

Some try meditation
Some try exercise
Some try medicine

But getting up from the pit
Is too hard for us to ever achieve
Without divine intervention

I once thought to express my faith
In different ways

I once thought I was gothic
I later found out I was mentally ill

Much later I found the original center of the Church
Christianity was always a multicultural religion
Spanning empires and continents

But restoring Christianity
To the level that most will be saved
Is not about us changing anything external

To really have God grow His Church
Requires us to take a step back
We need to wait upon the Lord

We will not be able to legislate morality
And enforce it through fear
We need to focus on the ideology

The only ideology we need
Is in the Person of Christ
We need to stop trying to re-imagine the Church

We need to focus on our own lives
We need to focus on our own communities

The way we think in America today
Is we need to have big solutions
And to do so we need money and power

And need to bring it to fruition
Within a matter of several decades

Where does God get credit then?
What kind of witness is this?

This is why people no longer want to join things
Everything feels like a commercial

We need to go for the miraculous first
We need to seek God’s help first
And consider people as a secondary approach

Just like Schizophrenia is treated
Primarily through medicine
So the Church is to be healed by Christ

The most powerful way to change society
Is to let God take control of us

We do not know the solution
We will never find it
We need God to solve our many problems

Because only God can forgive sin
We will be judged for our disrespect for His creation
And we will suffer because of our arrogance

We cannot expect our current lifestyle
Losing technology is not a punishment
By any stretch of the imagination

Our problems are worse today
As we are all in one place
Like in the Tower of Babylon

Everyone was together
And they believed they didn’t need God

We need to separate the world system
Back into geographic regions and countries
And even to the level of counties and cities

Putting everyone together in one place
Makes crime easier and more efficient

Our problem is not that we don’t save enough money
Our problem is that our focus is not on Christ

We need to work out our faith
Before we can criticize others

Once we do this
We will already have
Much of the problem solved

To solve spiritual problems
We first need to understand
What God sees the problem as

The Church needs to lead by example
Once the Church is able to reform itself
Others will flock to it

Christianity does work and save us
We just need to take God at His word
And be willing to do things His way

We see our biggest problems as political
God sees them as sin problems

If we want to deal with sin
We need to deal directly with God

But we must change our view of how we see
Both the battle and what victory means

We will not get past our need for God
And the battles will never stop

But the war is won
When we choose to follow God
Once we accept God’s grace

The proof of change is in the fruits of the spirit
Works are the proof of faith
This is how we prepare for the second coming

We must put God’s promises to the test
And He will show us the power of good