Process of Victory

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

Victory sometimes happens quickly
But often it is long and drawn out
One leader wins totally
And the other loses everything
If the war is quick

But a slow war is where everyone loses

Some wars are easy at first
But occupation and governance
Make it impossible to keep the gains

Many times it actually requires
That the winning side
Has to put the other into slavery

And transfer all the wealth
Out of the defeated
To even get enough money
To cover the cost of the war

Many countries have lost great wealth
And can no longer afford powerful armies
Because they overspent on wars
But the reverse is not true

Wealthy countries even without armies
Can easily hire others to fight wars for them
And have no trouble defending themselves

Every battle has to be fought differently
And the early decisions of both you
And those of your enemy
Require you to adjust your strategy over time

You can win by superior technology
By various forms of deception
By taking more casualties
Or by a combination of the above

The current power of the West
Is because a certain form of war technology is dominant
We are good at a very narrow type of warfare
That is focused around the use of guns for weapons

This kind of warfare works best in teams
With great coordination, communication, and cooperation
This is why the military encourages discipline

They military does not want you to be creative or heroic
They would prefer you weak and afraid
If that motivates you to be cautious
Mostly they just want you to quickly respond to orders

Basic Training is also called Combat Survival Training
In order to survive in combat
You have to work together without thinking

The is why the military trains you
In the same simple task over and over again

The most difficult part of combat is
Operating under extreme stress
Modern combat is chaos

Many of the same concepts apply to spiritual warfare
This is also know as dealing with problems in life
As most personal problems have a spiritual component in them

This is because we are suffering due to our or another’s sin
This effects everyone whether they are Christian or not

The human response is to make yourself more disciplined
The Biblical response is to let God take over us

It is unwise to take on an enemy more powerful than yourself
Without a bigger ally or at least some asymmetric strategy

For instance do not try to shoot or outrun a bear
Simply avoid playing with their children or feeding them
Secure your food scent and store it away from you

The spiritual battles are not really between you and the devil
They are between your will and God’s will
Sin is rebellion against God not primarily against the government

So what does victory look like?
For some it may be a fast war
For some it may be a struggle their entire lives
For many they will win at first and then struggle later on

The important thing to remember
Is that Christ had already won the war
The devil just won’t admit defeat

Christian spiritual battles are different
Than any other form of warfare
Because God cannot lose

And as long as you submit to His will
The battle ends before it starts

But most of us need to fight our entire lives
The devil is stubborn
His main strategy is deception

That is why reading the Bible is important
The devil know the Bible better than most Christians

But the devil is not creative in any way
He doesn’t use his own scripture
He tries to distort God’s

Lies are more effective
And easier to remember
If they are as close to the truth as possible

Fighting the devil can by draining
And we suffer throughout life
Because of our or another’s sins

We get battle scars along the way
But God not only created us
He also heals us as well

Life itself is a a battle
And attacks will not stop
Until you are with the Lord

You cannot lose
Because Christ has already won

But there will be pain and struggle
There will be victory after salvation
But continued guerrilla warfare
By way of deception
On the part of the devil

This will be hard to explain to people
Who choose not to believe
Because they want a definite cause
And a definite effect

They want to see a measurable problem first
And then see a measurable solution next

Maybe this is why Alcoholics Anonymous
Uses the term recovering addict
Not recovered addict

The devil knows he cannot win
So he is here to hurt as many as possible

The thing is that God knows everything
And is pulling the devil’s strings as well
We all ultimately serve God

But this does not mean everyone reconciles with God
For that you must chose to follow His will and not yours
That is the Christian way of battle