Superheroes: The Santa Soldier

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by Ben Huot

You are now in the 5th Generation Subsection of the Writing Section

October 11, 2022

Like an inter-dimensional force for good
We are all a kind of spiritual Christian soldier
We are the infantry
We are the hands and feet of God

Like the military we neither choose our mission
Nor can we use our powers for our own gain

We are like a physical conduit
Of God’s supernatural power
Serving as the face of God in this world

We are truly of another species
We are not really from this world
Our home world is being
In close proximity to our Lord

Our weapons are there
To bring peace and joy to the world

We are a kind of soldier Santa
But we are not a myth
We are as real as anything you can touch

We are merely mortal people
But within us exists a greater power for good
Than all the gravity of a galactic black hole
A great power packed into a mere person

What is greater than feeding hungry people
Or healing people of deadly diseases?

The combined three part gift of
God living within you
Spending forever after in
His golden city of paradise
And having the global network
Of support from people like you

We are not trying to recruit you
As God Himself will knock on your door
To give you an invitation

But we do screw things up from time to time
Like the military has a habit of doing
Many of us are clumsy and sick

We also have a variety of issues and emotional baggage
That may actually be harder to deal with
Than the issues you are going through

We understand if you think you have no need for us
But we want to know we are always there for you
And when we can’t be our Lord is
He never screws things up like we do

We are but common peasants by birth
Serving in the forces of the King
Our Lord actually does the cleaning
So we feel honored to be able to work in His service

We have a strong desire to include everyone
Good news is we have no ranks
As we are all completely equal

One of the things negative about us
By some people’s standards
Is that we are neither cool nor modern in our thinking

We are working on modernizing our thinking
Please be patient with us in the process
We are also accepting others to help with this

Many of us you hear about live in luxury
But most of our members
Are some of the world’s poorest

As far as being cool is concerned
We are ok with being nerds
We do have good times though

We just don’t feel the need to do drugs to have fun
Having God live within you
Provides the positive effects
People often seek in taking drugs
But without the dangerous side effects and addiction

We live a life of
Both moderation and engaging with the world
Even though many of us
Strongly disagree on how it is run

We know the King not only created all worlds
But won the battle on our behalf centuries ago

Our biggest problem is that we
Still don’t follow orders well

Today we think it not possible to reform people
That society says are bad
And make them change their behavior

The King has the power
To restore people to be good
And He has also given us this power as well

He has such power and authority
That what He says becomes reality

He says many good things about us
Even though we are in the process of reformation
We are trying to live up to who He says we are

Some of our beliefs are not just unpopular
They are actually looked down upon
But as we said we come from a different world

We understand that we are so different
So that you may not be ready
To be part of our group

Just remember you can join and
Be just as important as anyone else
When you first join

But realize that some members
May be hard to deal with
Because we take everyone

But we don’t really decide on membership
The King does all the recruiting

Just know He will knock on your door
Only a certain number of times

Either way you choose we wish you best
And we will be there to help you out
As long as we are still here

After all we are not from this world
We will be returning home sometime
We don’t know when
But when it happens it will be fast