Seeking Wisdom

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

God has said we cannot fail
So this must be true
We just need to believe it

There is more to Christianity
Than our failure and weakness
We have God living in our veins
We are now children and friends of God

Being a Christian
Should mean having good self esteem
It is very much a process and not an outcome

But we are to move ahead
Sometimes still with fear
But defeat need not destroy the Christian

There is a real struggle within us
But there is much more to faith
Than having trials and spiritual warfare

Christianity is very much a form of mysticism

There is a type of knowledge
That goes beyond just experience
Or just academic understanding
This is often called wisdom in the Bible

As Christians we need to continue to move
And be going in a forward direction

It is easy to get lost in a maze
Of suffering and defeat
But this is not God’s plan
He will not let us stay there

We have to be willing to trust again
And take some degree of risk
Sometimes the scariest thing
Is inviting someone to Church

Growing is a good and necessary thing
Even if it is painful at times
It is worth it to grow over time
Even at the cost of the unknown

We may be afraid at times
But we cannot always turn inward
We should not want to live
Our entire lives in our room

For some people this is necessary
But most of those are in prison

The progress might be slow at times
But God is worth getting to know
Even if there is a cost to it

The patriarchs, prophets, and apostles
Often were weak and made foolish mistakes
But later proved their faith with grace in action

And were written about and helped write
They very scripture of our faith

There very minds held
At least for a time
The very thoughts of God Himself

How do we today get to what those in Scripture had?
How do we learn to become like them?
How do we work with the Holy Spirit
Instead of against Him?

Sometimes Christianity seems so simple
And sometimes it seems so complex

How do we start to see through God’s eyes?
How do we know we have sought God with all our heart?
How do we get so full of God’s grace
That we cannot see anything else?

It would seem much of the world is a distraction
But maybe even trying to save the world
Is a distraction as well

We have only one life to live
Before we see God face to face

Maybe we should spend more time
Preparing for our future with God
Beyond this world

Maybe even the saving of the world
Should wait upon the Lord

I feel so rushed sometimes
As the world descends into flames
I forget to take time to listen to God

Sometimes what God wants is so obvious
Other times it seems almost impossible to know

If our faith is to be worked out in action
What kind of action does God have for me?

I hope it isn’t anything like the military
Or my mental illness

Maybe God has something positive for me to do
That does not involve more pain

I have had multiple mystical experiences
But they have always been painful or scary

I wish I could associate joy with the Lord
Instead of merely suffering

I know there are great spiritual insights
One can have as a believer
But I am afraid of any kind of mystical experience

Is there a way to follow God
That does not involve constant fear?

God offers me great protection
From spiritual dangers
He has always stood up for me there

I just hope He does not expect me
To do things only normal people can do

I had a thought recently
Captain America was once very weak and afraid
They chose to make him strong
Deliberately because he was weak

Because he was forced to fight and survive when weak
So when he became strong
He became fearless

Maybe God has such a plan for me
In the next life

I wonder what life would be like
If I had to deal with less fear
I do know there would be less pain