Something Small

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

A great wind comes from all directions
I hold my hand close to a small flame
I shield and protect it
As a member of my family

I suspend judgement for but a moment
Self doubt is under rated

In the midst of waves of destruction
I stand on a tall mountain
On a tiny island

Sometimes I think there is no more room
But sometimes the rushing wind
Calms my mind or at least distracts it

Many see meaning in their cause
I see meaning in challenging my mind

When there is no direction
And hope is not easily found
Sometimes you cannot trust your heart
This is the most important time

Stepping forward in faith
Often means doing nothing but waiting

Warfare need not be violent
An resistance can be a purely internal thing

We see nothing ahead but suffering
But maybe the end in not anymore painful
Than the beginning was

We fear our future
But maybe we should pray for His return
We struggle to silence our critics

But maybe this is where we need to be

Jesus did not speak
When challenged and berated
Maybe this time we need internal growth

Learning self control is never easy
As it is almost impossible
To be relaxed in the midst of fear or pain

We think to prepare for disasters
We need to horde supplies
But maybe we are our own enemies

Maybe the last battle
Is taking place in our own minds

Is the revolutionary aspect of Christianity
About gender or sex?
What does the Bible say about masculinity?

Is it more difficult to create or destroy?
If Christ changed the world more than any other Person
Then why do we think we need to travel
To spread the Gospel?

What if the hardest convert

Is the Church itself?

Questioning God is a tricky thing to do respectfully
But it is Christian to doubt ourselves
Many great Christians in fact doubted their very faith at times

If we are to overcome our evil intentions
Can we always avoid the darkness?

We think of the darkness as only about evil
But spiritual trials can be used for good

The absence of light can just be giving you evidence
That you are going somewhere you have never been before

The future is open and empty
Even Christ does not know when He will return

Sometimes fear of being wrong is not strong enough
And certainty of pain an loneliness can lead to evil

Do not give up on God
He is not just in control of our history
He has planned it out directly

We sometimes think serving God
Means we have to fight someone else

But if we take a step back
Maybe now who we see as the enemy
Could eventually be a friend of God

Our journey is not over
Until we are in a coffin

God can and does quicken us
After all spiritual strength
Does not correlate with age

The best trained soldiers in history
Have often seen combat as a kind of dance

Gunpowder was first used for fireworks
And not explosives in war until much later

Our biggest opposition is not the other
But our own ability to be distracted
And our lack of commitment

Proof of your faith does not need to come from pain
There are better ways to serve God than dying for Him

If we cannot see past our current circumstances
We need to step forward in faith
And do something deliberately small

What does Christ call us to do until He returns?
Simple acts of kindness
Maybe we can kill the opposition with kindness