Sticking Around

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

If you respect someone
If you turn to them for support
If you can talk to them
About things you don’t with others

If you have developed a friendship
If you are in constant contact
Does this mean you love them?

How is it that everyone seems to leave
When they have nothing more to gain
Or it is inconvenient or takes too much time?

When all business is done
When they have sold you everything they can
When they have finished their job
And the payment has been received?

Does this mean they do not care?
Or is this just the world today?

Is it that family is different or my family is different?

What does it take to be encouraged today?
How do we accept what we cannot change?

It is easy to get cynical about helping others
Especially when they take the opportunity
To get even more out of you
They leave you when they get what they want
And they lose respect for you in the process
And they are careless with what you give them

God calls us to help those
Who cannot help themselves regardless
Life is messy and complex though

All of us are selfish in our own way
God gives us much and we are often unfaithful

It is like where the Bible says
How many times you are to forgive others
How often do you want God to forgive you?

When Jesus explains how to pray
We are told to ask God to forgiver us
To the same extent we forgive others

Many see this as weakness and always will
But there is power in this too

Gandhi’s explanation for non-violence
Goes something like this

Violence feeds off itself and never ends
If you decide not to return in kind
You stop the cycle there

Easier said than done
As with everything important in life

One of the good things about forgiveness
Is that is frees the forgiver
As those who commit sins against us
Are rarely turned by their conscience

The person that does not forgive and forget
Is the ones that suffers unnecessary pain

So if you find someone who is still around
After many years of struggle
Even when things get ugly
These are the people who are your real friends

Sometimes this applies to family or church members
This is always true of God

God is different because He never seeks anything from us
He doesn’t need us in any way
And yet He still courts our friendship

And died for us willingly
Even though He suffered terribly
And He had done nothing wrong

He did not even break the law once
Or do anything improper with anyone

And yet the response from us
Was to kill Him rather than
Admit our weakness and follow our conscience

He was totally abandoned by His father
At the worst possible time
And suffered the worst injustice imaginable

He defeated evil with weakness
He proves that we when we are weak
God is strong in us

Our battle is not primarily external
We fight our own minds and hearts

So when we follow God through hard times
He is not limited in what He does for us

The limit on God is His respect for our free will
So once we remove our stubbornness
God’s power and help is not blocked anymore

God is truly a romantic
He wants us to choose to love and follow Him
Why would you not want to follow Him?

I guess you have not experienced enough of life
To know how rare it is
To find someone who would sacrifice even a little
For anyone else

Christianity is a game changer
Once we admit the evil in us
Is as great as the evil in others