Tough Choice

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

It is easy to say you will be brave
It is easy to be convinced you will win
It is harder to be a good sport
When you feel weak and are in pain

Many think they can survive anything
But with the slightest setback they give up

Is it better to take an oath
Or to pursue the same aim without a pledge?

If you think waving a flag
Makes you a patriot
The military takes almost anyone

We race humans and test their strength
But animals are the real athletes
We think we suffer greatly
But animals endure so much more

How can you be good if you are not kind?
How can you care about your loved ones
But not the loved ones of forest creatures?

If we cannot be civil
Let us sit in silence
If we cannot listen
Maybe we should stop talking

Where do we go from here?

Maybe we need to learn more
Before we lecture others
Maybe we should understand our opponent
Before we decide to fight them

It is not strong to refuse to think
It is not noble to close your eyes to evil
It is not enough to have faith
You must prove your faith with action

If we want peace
We need to give up our weapons
If we want change
We need to look in the mirror

Instead of trying to save the whole world
Maybe we should focus on just us
And maybe one other person

Our ambitions and desires
Know no limits or constraints
This is not a good thing

You cannot grow forever
And anything or anyone
Can never be truly independent

Freedom does not comes from a lack of limitations
Sometimes we all have to work together
And sacrifice by doing what is difficult
To stand against our nature

Without struggle it is easy to be selfish
It is not ok to be too confident
When you have nothing to back it up
This is essentially what fraud is

For us to seek truth
We must acknowledge God
As He is a servant
So must we be as well

Christ is the most masculine Man of all time
But He had self control
And did not speak without reason

His never denied what was true
Or back down from His mission
But He was not a fan of arrogance
Or of empty ceremony

You may not experience God’s voice in your head
But you can still empathize with not knowing
If it is truly God leading you
Tears would stream down your face
If you had to accept a loss of your mind

Many say they understand
But few truly care
At least not when it comes
To spending time or money

We are too distracted to hear God
We are too busy to do the right thing
Soon we will pay someone else
To live our entire lives for us

We are getting so afraid
Of dealing with other people
That we never leave our houses
We are so afraid of death
That we don’t want to be alone or think

Fun is only fun when it is infrequent
If your entire life is entertainment
You will always be a child

With each decision we make
We become more human
With each sin we move closer to darkness
And with each act of kindness
We understand Heaven a little better

If we want to be like Christ
We have to give up on being successful
When will we ever learn
That mixing politics and religion
Is explosive and causes wars?

We need to find a way to disagree
And yet live with each other
If we want the world to turn to Christ
We need to be ready to do what He wants

But we must take time to listen to God

Christianity is a long difficult road
With plenty of suffering
To reduce it to anything else
Is not Biblical

If this is not what you signed up for
You have a tough decision to make