Violence and Faith

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by Ben Huot

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October 11, 2022

Christianity is not simple or easy
Christianity is living the life of Christ
Christians are to suffer in silence
Christians are to essentially be pacifists

Which makes it ironic
That Christians seek power over others
Christ asks us to follow the rules
Of the government but not its ideology

What does it mean to be in the world
But not of the world?
In practice it means following more rules

One of the ploys of the devil
Is to get us turned on each other
By making us think we can change things

By using the system of the world
By the methods of fear and violence

How does a Christian embrace a worldview
That uses force to compel others
To think the same as they do?

Basically most people today
Cannot agree to disagree
Their solution is to dominate and destroy
Those who disagree with them

This situation occurs when we are
Unwilling to embrace self doubt

We can give a lot of simple answers
To even profound questions
But are these meaningful answers?

Non-Christians know Christians are good at arguing
And know Bible theology really well
This is not what keeps them from Christianity

They don’t want to be Christians
Because they don’t want to be like us

Most embrace Christ but not Christianity
Why is this?
Maybe this is because we sound
More like Pharisees than Christ

We add on all these cultural assumptions
And extra conditions upon people
Who are from a different culture

The world culture has changed
American Christians do not want to accept this

The generations following mine
Are even more interested in spiritual things
There is currently a huge interest in new age practices

Christianity in America today
Is at best associated with living like
We are still at the height of the cold war
And living without modern technology

If we want to keep things low technology
We need to go much further back

Because their is no fundamental change
In the progression of technology
From World War 2 to the present

The industrial revolution if successful
Will logically lead to an information revolution

The situation during the Cold War happened
Because Europe took over the world and then self-destructed
There was a vacuum in world power and we filled it
This time was a very sad and painful time for most of the world

American Christians are trying to fight against
The very technologies and social developments
That helped us win World War 2 and the Cold War
And currently allows America the prosperity and power
That it has in the world today

You cannot solve one problem without creating others
Nothing is free

Fighting wars changes things to a degree
But the greatest non-spiritually driven changes occur
From economic, weather, and technology changes

We are trying to fight spiritual battles with physical weapons
The enemy is not Russia, China, Europe, or the Middle East
The enemy is us

Jesus Himself said our biggest problem is sin
And only God can forgive sin

We will not be able to change
People’s attitude and thoughts
By increasing punishments, laws, and surveillance

Forcing someone to do something
That they do not want to do rarely works
But this is what both groups in America are pushing for

The only reason why we may
Avoid fighting another civil war
Is that people now are unwilling
To sacrifice for their beliefs

It would be interesting to see
What Christians overseas think
About our political views on both sides

Most Christians are not Americans
Most Americans are not Christians

Many powerful people tried to tie the 2 together
Mostly for more soldier recruitment

But as much as there are powerful forces
Behind this point of view
Random people keep bringing up
Big holes in this theory