The Amish Solution

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by Ben Huot

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November 14, 2021

So why is the military so negative? War is not supposed to be fun. This is because war is a general way of describing what amounts to destroying things and hurting people. This is why it does not take a lot of intellectual ability. And when we fight in it we have to make decisions between bad choices and worse choices.

This means war should be the last thing we do only when we are eminently being invaded and have no choice. Of course it might be a worse world if the US pulled out overseas and it would likely require is to revert back to an earlier technology level like the Amish. Since it is almost impossible to invade America successfully, we need to focus on fixing our country first.

We need to do boring things like increase our education, make infrastructure improvements, and build a more resilient world system in which we can function as much as possible without it. We need to make our internet US only and discontinue the major intelligence agencies covert and eavesdropping / hacking operations. We need to learn other languages, religions, and histories of other countries and other time periods to understand why so many people in a large region of the world’s population hate us so much.

We also need to figure out how to communicate to the rest of the world that we are not as rich and immoral as Hollywood portrays us. We need to stop trying to get Africa and the Middle East to join the modern world. We need to stop buying oil from them so we can stop having to pay off their leaders and stop helping the Saudis spread radical Islam throughout the world.

We need to set up our country to fall as gracefully as possible if we cannot get alternate energies efficient enough to replace oil entirely. If we do get a big boost of energy we still need to conserve it and reduce our consumption or else our needs will grow with our energy supply. If we cannot get this under control, this would mean we would have the same problem 20-50 years later.

We need to train everyone to be farmers and start planting self pollinating heirloom seeds and defending bees. We need to start running trains again for the majority of our shipping. We need business schools to change their curriculum to focus their students on being resilient rather than efficient at all costs. For primary education, the only thing kids really need to know how to do is to find a revenue source as they may not get jobs in the future.

Our country is now entirely dependent on not just mass food production and oil but also the Internet. We need to create a duplicate fall back solution when it fails. Due to poor security, poor infrastructure, and lack of technical knowledge we have a major crisis waiting to happen. We need to stop hacking into other countries and build a self sufficient national internet.

We need to start saving government money now because the economic costs of global warming are what is going to break us as a country and civilization more than anything else. It is not just about cute animals that evidently no one cares about. It is about extreme weather and more violent natural disasters. Sea level rises, rivers drying up, forest fires, droughts, desertification, hurricanes, floods, famine, disease, and pestilence are just a few of the disaster that will increase drastically.

The three major expenditures in the federal government are interest on the deficit, department of defense, and medicare / medicaid / social security. Maybe we just need to say no subsidies for anyone rich, poor, or for war. If that is not palatable then at least cut defense and social services equally.

Ultimately we need to think of what to do that is best for the next thousand generations living after us. This is also now a global world economy which will remain so until we are willing to give up our current lifestyle and live more like they do in third world countries.

Ultimately we will likely change as little as possible and our energy use will continue to spiral out of control and huge wars will wage over water and more violent weather. The world system will be bankrupted to such an extent that the entire system collapses and we will live off the rubble until we completely hit the stone age.

So we as individuals need to get it into our heads that no one is going to save us. We need to do the best to save ourselves. Keep extras on hand, keep up on what is happening especially in our own communities, get to know other people where we live, keep good security in our electronics, and educate ourselves on how to survive and learn useful skills that work without computers.

Ultimately it is most important to adjust psychologically to the reality that society will likely collapse at any time. Make the most of the time we have and do not give up easily. Not everything will get bad if things go sideways globally. Religion will be stronger than ever, many of the major health problems of Americans will disappear overnight, we will likely fight fewer or at least less destructive wars, nature will likely rebound quickly, we will have less crime, and people will likely be happier.

Technology, wealth, and toys do not make your life happier. Religion brings peace and happiness because it is almost impossible to have peace in yourself and with the world if you do not have peace with God. Without all the distractions and fast pace of contemporary digital life, we will have time for God. We will also see the need for God and not be so spiritually blinded by our digital screens.