One Thing

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by Ben Huot

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December 15, 2021

One thing we can do
In light of the suffering
That we must endure
And have little control over

Is to reduce the pain
Of others and ourselves
We may have to suffer for God
But we must try not to suffer for other reasons

Christians need not suffer
For other ideologies
For their own foolishness
If they can learn to be wise

But Christians can also
Make it their mission
To reduce the suffering
That others have to endure

Animals are a heavy weight
Upon my heart, mind, and soul
We need to think of ways
To treat everyone with more kindness

There is no excuse
For animals having to suffer
We are rightfully responsible
And Biblical commanded
To fight for their welfare

We need to consider the needs of others
In everything we do
In the things we buy
And in all the decisions we make
In every aspect of our lives

When we think of revolutionary
We often think of civil disobedience
But there are more effective
And less dangerous ways
To spread kindness
Throughout our homes and communities

Consider spending money to financially support an animal
To take better care of the animals you already have
Be careful how much you commit to animals in the future
And think of how animals may be affected by your purchases

Sometimes you may have to choose
To spend more money for soap
Or spend more time praying for animal welfare
Sometimes it is more important
What we refrain from doing than what we do

Often animals are ignored in the Church
Because it has been well known
That pagans support animal rights
But this is an opportunity for dialogue
Certainly God cares about who He created

We think of the needs of the unborn
Throughout much of the Church today
Why not consider the feelings of a fully formed creature
You might not find someone to vote for
Who is an advocate of both the unborn and animal rights

But you can see the connection
Between 2 creatures God created
Who both feel pain and are worthy
Of special consideration
Because neither can defend themselves
They also do not take part in human conflicts
Although they are often used in those

Throughout prophecy God constantly talks
And repeats throughout Scripture
That Christians are to take care of the widows and orphans

How about animals who have no one to take care of them
Animals who are too injured to take care of themselves
Or who have lost their homes or loved ones
Due to human expansion

If we are to grow spiritually
We need to take kindness seriously
We cannot just abandon the homeless because of fraud
Certainly we do not abandon the military or veterans
And there is much more fraud there

We cannot just pick our favorite charity
And then leave others to suffer
Who are less convenient to support
Or have less voices calling for their better treatment

Consider those we have lost as prisoners of war
As those who live in captivity
Through no fault of their own
Many animals suffer greatly
Because we feel the need to
Test things harmful on them

Who are we to decide who is worthy of our respect
Or who we owe common decency
We treat terrorists better
Even the worst ones

We need to start raising our children
And educating everyone else too
About the importance of kindness
And understand how much of our society is based on cruelty

It is not just animals that suffer
The unborn suffer as does our military
And much of the Christians in the world
Suffer because of our lifestyle

We must re-evaluate how important
Modern plumbing and electricity are
At the cost of so much injustice required to support it
And the kind of evils it perpetuates

This same world that is based on suffering
Hurts people, animals, and the environment on all levels
Think of this when you take out the trash
That people and animals have to live in it

Not just here but on the other side of the world
And the exact same trash