Racing Mind - Racing World

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by Ben Huot

You are now in the 4th Generation Subsection of the Writing Section

December 12, 2021

How can I trust the future?
I cannot even trust myself
My mind is not quiet
And my heart burns from within

My country destroyed my brain
And democracy is a lie
There will be no way to redeem
The country I live within

There will be no resolution
To the conflict we have
From within ourselves
And from within our cities

When darkness begins to settle in
The light struggles to emit
If there is but one shred of hope
It would only make it more painful

Can we just fade into obscurity
Why do we need one last fight?
Sorrow is nothing but a dream
But that dream is our lives

When will we see face to face again?
When will things feel normal?
I will never be normal again
And our country will not be happy
Until it is willing to change its mind

The richest and most powerful country
This world has ever known
We get excited about conflict
And only the blood of our children
Will make us happy

I stand with no one but the Lord

No one else will stand with me
There is but one left
Who will stand before all
And outlast time itself

There is but one purpose and one allegiance
That transcends our limited imagination

There is only one way forward
The road splinters into many pieces
But not far ahead it dead ends

The roads look like mazes
There is but one road beyond this
But how do we get there?

There is a time and place for everything
But the evil in our hearts
How much longer must we wait
For a revelation from God?

When you cannot find your way
When life eludes you
And your mind only wanders
Is there a method for the mad?

When we feel like giving up
When does our second wind come?
I feel like the wind is knocked out of me
I feel like all I want to do is sleep

Each day only brings us closer
To the deeper truth
That there is no love left
There is no reason to fight the future

We must just embrace the chaos
And roll with the punches

It will be a long wait for the King’s return
And in this century of winter
Many spirits will die
And many hearts will be reborn

There are always multiple mirrors
That we can see diverse reflections within

There will still be time for laughter
And meaning in memories and family
But as a whole
Our people no longer care

About what makes our society stable
Or the good parts of our past traditions

We merely shout and wave hands
We would be more vocal
But it is hard to hear through masks
We would wrestle our opponents to the ground
But we would have to get less than 6 feet apart

We have changed our speech so much
That I no longer understand
What our leaders say
And they no longer care what I feel

How do we read the room
When we cannot trust the information?
At this point nothing is certain
And anything can happen

Maybe we are the first generation
To truly feel this way
But this will be common in the future

I grew up in a time of peace
When many bad schemes
Were first plotted and hatched up
I look at my childhood
As a simpler and more hopeful time

Today to even grasp the scale of change
And the damage we do to keep things going
It would take a lifetime of travel
To the most secret locations on this planet

Nothing awaits for us but a singularity
The future is unpredictable now
Even 5 years from now may as well be a century
The pace of time continues to accelerate

As the light flashes before our eyes
Each button transports us to a new reality
Behind each picture there is a sad story
With each destructive move
More big pieces of our culture are erased

Blink once if you understand
And twice if they are listening
Turn your head around
And see other laughing at you
From the other side of the world

Sometimes it seems we dream during our work
And wake up at night to rest
Without a consistent measuring device
Even precise machines start to malfunction

When I can no longer hear the pulsing of my mind
Or the negative thoughts in my head
There lies before me possibilities
Too complex to describe
Too subtle to accept

People now fear this is the end
But what if this is only the start?