Shadow of the Mountain

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by Ben Huot

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December 4, 2021

A great mountain has risen overnight
And we now live in its shadow
Some battles are only won through attrition
Some fights end with only one standing

Sometimes the gear becomes so heavy
And the time goes by so slowly
You start to re-evaluate the necessity of the journey

Why does everyone hate God today?
Do people realize that God is not the same as His followers?
Do they not realize that they have just as much shame?
Or that life is just as hard for Christians?

They have just chosen not to believe
Because they feel they are too good for God
Or that they have no need for Him

They cannot accept that He has different moral standards
We will never be equal to God
We will never be able to solve our problems without Him

It is not weakness to trust God
Not that we are strong enough to begin with

Are we now at a point where only one group will survive?
Will one cultural side of America exterminate the other?
When 2 groups cannot co-exist
When they cannot even agree on what words to describe themselves
When they can only agree there is no compromise possible

For a nation without the stamina for prolonged conflicts
How does this get resolved?
Should we just break into 2 regions?
How has that ever worked before?

It is not like everyone from one culture lives in the same place
I for one cannot identify with either group
I can appreciate some aspects of both cultures
But I am not comfortable within either

I am still waiting for my second wind
I am waiting for the wisdom to navigate this brave new world
The pit of despair and immovable obstacles combine
To make forward travel unthinkable

Maybe it is only possible to hold our ground
Most religions agree this is the most evil time in history
The fights today are beyond ridiculous

Some are so afraid to die they cannot leave their homes
While others are unwilling to get a shot
These are not people with emotional problems or small percentage of the population
We realize these are just metaphors for deeper divisions in society
And some of us are just caught in the middle

Diseases aside little makes sense anymore
I could take or leave most of the legislation both sides advocate
Or at least the thought behind it
But can’t we agree to at least be kind to one another regardless?

It seems that many on both sides
Just sit and stew all day long
They are trying to pick a fight
For over a decade it has just gotten worse

All of us suffer and all of us are in the same boat
We have done some very bad things in the past
And we continue to do so
So many people have been hurt
But the solutions proposed just hurt others

Christianity offers another solution
This is to forgive and forget
Both parties feel wronged
Both believe the others demands are unreasonable

At this point we can’t even get reliable information
This much we can agree on
We need fact checkers and use terms like censorship
Could it be that all of us are wrong?

Could what we are arguing about be the least important thing?
Maybe the debate over the forum is a side issue
Maybe we need to just agree to disagree
And that some justice may be unachievable

We may need to accept that the only solution will be rolled out by our Creator
There is a lot of bad in the world now and will be until He returns
But this kind of stubborn anger
Is going to cause us a lot of health problems
And the criminals are all cleaning up
They are the only ones doing well

And those who hate us all equally
Like certain hostile countries
That we empowered and rely upon
For the basic functioning of our society

That we both agreed upon
And our only choice
Will be to give up modern technology
Or descend into chaos

And at the end the idea of America
And computers and the Internet
Will sound like a fairy tale

Both sides think they have an easy solution
But neither are based in reality or on facts
Ironically mine is plausible
Even though I admit my ideas
Are conspiracy theories