2 Different Stories

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by Ben Huot


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December 18, 2021

Silence is a beautiful thing
God speaks a lot in silence
We need to read the Bible
Sometimes for things it is silent on
Sometimes it is more important
To understand not just what it is saying
But its tone, content, and purpose

Many see the Bible as a list of rules
Some seem to make Christ out to be a drinking buddy
The Bible truly is powerful
And God so much more than that

The power of the Bible is in what it is
The Bible contains the exact thoughts of God
Not every thought and only His thoughts concerning us
Not on His level or everything about Him
But nonetheless directly from Him
Everything we truly need to know

God’s word is based on promises
He makes agreements with people over time
The agreements spans hundreds or thousands of years
Over time we get a better idea of who God is
Even animals have at least one contract with God

It is ironic that as Christians
We seem to a agree upon the Bible and little else
And that basically only in name
Many both Christians and not
May wonder why some of us spend so much time
Learning about the Bible

As a new Christian one of the first things you hear
Is that Christianity is very simple
After many years you agree in principle

But those details and doctrines
Become more and more complex
In some ways we have made it too complex
In others we have only scratched the surface of Scripture

Fundamentally God starts the Bible
With something very negative we have done
We couldn’t follow even one rule

God’s people collectively and individually
Go through many struggles with God and each other
And keep breaking their promises with God

In the middle part God tells us what He really wants
He also promises us some truly mind blowing stuff
Much of which we can only speculate on even now
Some of it describes Christ very well

Then God enters the very world that He created
He suffers a painful death as a common criminal
After preaching merely 3 years
Then He takes God’s wrath upon Himself

He defeats the devil and returns to Earth
His gives us His own very Spirit to live within us
To encourage and guide us

We are promised Heaven if we admit it is our fault
And stop a pattern of misbehavior towards God
We will live with God for eternity in paradise
Then, after we die, as a gift of God

At this point we are waiting for God’s return
When He will destroy and remake the world
And then He will govern us directly Himself


It is interesting to note that Tolkien based
Many ideas in his fantasy world on the Bible

How very different this is than
What you hear from politicians
Politicians do not care at all about agreement
They actually thrive on conflict

They only care about the record of your vote
With your signature on it
They will continue to promise the moon
And in the end there will be no noticeable difference

In fact, by the next election
The guy with opposite ideas gets elected
The he undoes everything the previous one did

Our government is based on lies and deceit
The government doesn’t trust us at all
It wants us to always be in fear
And it wants to know everything about us

It keeps huge amounts of records
Which it guards very poorly
And are constantly being changed
Without notice

But are being enforced
As if they were cast in stone
And guaranteed by God Himself

The government uses criminals and criminal methods
To steal information from its opponents
And then loses all these records
The criminals then use it in their scams

The government locks up the wrong person
The person is then denied basic human rights
Lives for years in prison
Suffers abuse and neglect

Often then becomes homeless
Then they monitor the person again
And this person’s life spirals downwards
And it all started with getting a discount on food

So Christianity sounds more positive
And more epic and interesting as well
The future definitely gets better with it

You have to agree to the source of the problems in life
As being your own deliberate fault
But it goes up from there fast

God cares about your future
The government cares about your past
God gives you peace
The government constantly barks at you

God brings hope
The government brings fear
God wants to forgive you
The government wants you to pay

God wants your heart
And the government wants your money
Really both want everything of you

The difference is no politician
Will do anything for you as an individual
Unless it will win them the next election

God gives freely of Himself
And often gets rejection in return
People are weird