God is Good - We Are Not

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by Ben Huot


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January 2, 2022

I know that our Creator is a loving God
And I also know there is unbelievable suffering on earth
I also know we are responsible for what we do
And we are the ones responsible for suffering in the world

As much as it might be emotionally satisfying
To use God as a scapegoat
This is neither true, right, nor factual

As much as it is hard to get at the problem
We cannot just pass on the responsibility
We need to use our creativity
To find ways to show love in this world

It is our responsibility as Christians
To be more mature and more willing
To follow God wherever He leads

In a sense being Christian puts us in a position
Where we represent God
The only God very many people will ever see
Is the poor reflection of Him in us

Sometimes the fear gets to Christians too much
We need to have more respect for God
And be more willing to follow in His leading
Than to be afraid of where this might take us

Sometimes it takes courage just to stay alive
Knowing all too well the power of evil
But we need to know the power of God more clearly

I have recently thought of what miracle God could do
That would convince people He is real
Maybe showing how Christ lived His life
Is more effective in that it shows how He is different

We have had too many people try to impress us
Too many leaders have set themselves up to be good examples
And then proceed to be just as bad as everyone else

People are crying out for a solution
And willing to risk more than ever before for it
But so many people are discouraged
They have tried everything to fix themselves
And all has failed them

Christians then appear as they have it all together
Would someone be more transparent and upfront?
Christianity is difficult to do right
And requires the biggest commitment of all

Many want wars but few will volunteer
Many Christians want to change the world
But few are willing to commit
The same is true for non-Christians

But Christianity is different, isn’t it?
We should be held to a higher standard as Christians
Because we have the truth, the Holy Spirit, and the Church itself

We need to stop trying to run things our way
We need to focus on improving who we are
Before recruiting others
The Church in America will not grow
Until we put our entire efforts on Christ

We still want to dress up God in our flag
And expect Him to speak our language

There will be greater changes in my lifetime than my parents
And even greater changes in the next generation’s lifetime
Than in my generation

When the Enlightenment took place in Europe
There were 5 major ideological revolutions
In a couple generations
That we are still suffering from

Philosophy and religion change things more than
Technology, weather, and economics combined
This is because ideology can be
The biggest motivator
You can never destroy an idea
And you cannot predict what people will decide in their hearts

This is why ideology is so important to a nation
And no ideology truly dies
We are facing the same anger we didn’t resolve
In the American civil war

The same pain that started America
And we based our world empire on
Is eating us up and tearing us apart within
American exceptionalism is a lie
And many Americans are now willing to admit it

When the rest of the world thinks one way
And you do the other
You must consider the possibility that you are wrong
We are no better than Europe, Russia, the Middle East, or China

We are not unique in anything except our geography
Our ideas are straight out of Northern Europe
We are the child of the Enlightenment

America wants to be utopia
It wants to take the place of God in the world
America wants you to love it
America wants you to embrace its ideology as a religion

The one thing America does not tolerate is disloyalty
It is a world system based on its citizens
Not knowing what happens overseas
For the system to work

We need Islamic Fundamentalism
We need whatever you call the hybrid system of China
To have the freedoms we still do in America today

For America to be Christian we would have to
Prioritize other nations and non-citizens above our own
We cannot both promote self-reliance and God reliance
We cannot both base our society on self interest
And at the same time say we sacrifice for others

You cannot be both good and powerful
The things you need to do to control the world
Will undue the greatest empire ever known
Once Americans have the dots connected for them
Of course most the evidence is likely classified