Peace and Technology

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by Ben Huot

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January 5, 2022

When we think of ancient peoples
Many think of fantastical adventures
But what made them so much more moral?
They were simply bombarded with less temptation

How does a Christian fight against this?
Create and release as much content as possible
We can saturate the world in our own beliefs

Being both careful and subtle in how we do it
With our own personal stories of struggle
And in love and humility we can strike back

Spiritual warfare is about lies and deception
What a better way to counter evil in our hearts
Than with a barrage of good and lovely thoughts
We can do this just as individuals
But we need to drop the politics to give it reach

What the world has been lost in for the last 80 years is fear
War after war in the world and crisis after crisis
Continual social revolution in our own country
We look on the past as safe and have nostalgia
Because we see that as something we won

But that series of decisions led us
To what we deal with now
The technology and worldview we adopted
To win the Cold War with the Soviet Union
Actually contributed to our losses in the war on terror
And has now divided us within the COVID era

We need to stop ending wars
In a way that sets up the next war

The major powers in Europe at the peace conference
After Napoleon was defeated
Decided to stop fighting each other
The peace lasted for about a century
And allowed Europe to dominate the world

The peace broke as World War I started
This set up the modern world in many ways
It set up cultural connections
And gave birth to modern combat techniques

It pushed modern medicine into existence
It set up the political and ideological boundaries
It stopped the liberal age of Islam
And started the US domination of world government

It set up the situation that started World War 2
But most of the things it started
Turned into what we struggle with today

It is not the ascendancy or descent of Europe from world status
That I see as the problem
When the world was politically dominated by Islam
There was more morality in the world

But the idea of holding back the biggest armies and navies
Is something we should continue to strive for

The last 8 decades we fought basically 8 major land wars
On the other side of the world
And the situation was worse for all sides afterwards
In most of them

When it comes down to you having to
Destroy your regional allies
In order to destroy the enemy
What is the point?

The toll of these wars goes well beyond just the immediate effects
Not just what happens overseas or within militaries
It is also what makes us into bad people

Technology is often driven by war
But it is often violent in nature
It is a big part of why we are so violent
Even against our own people

Some people see the police as the problem
Some people see it as the media
I see it as both

And the increased power over us
That these and other groups now have
Is that they have mastered the technology
Which was thought to liberate us

This happens again and again
Because we try human solutions
There is no way to get peace by ourselves

Because all technologies have good and bad sides
All methods of defense have an effective counter
Whatever unites also divides

The only way to get beyond violence
Is to make the Prince of Peace
Lord in our own lives
And convince others to do the same

In order to accomplish this
We need to first improve our morality
And our connection with God
Then others will flock to Christ

Our world is pagan because our focus
Is not on God alone
Within the Church itself
Our loyalties are divided
As a mirror of our society

We try to do everything
We do not prioritize
Many do not follow God
Because they do not believe they have time to

We need to make time for God
To be in silence and alone before our Creator

Until we start to put boundaries on
Our commitments and our technologies
Our hearts will be far from God

Sometimes it helps to start
By making our physical surroundings less cluttered

Once we have cleared an entry point
Or beachhead in military terms
In our self improvement process
It starts to become believable to us
That we can truly change

Try starting by cleaning your house
And going thought things you don’t need