Thinking Forward

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by Ben Huot

You are now in the 4th Generation Subsection of the Writing Section

January 5, 2022

I no longer need elaborate rituals
To pay for the times I have chosen to disobey
I do not need social pressure to be disciplined
I no longer need to conform to the expectations of others

I no longer need to worry about what punishment awaits
I no longer need to seek the comfort of material things
I only now hunger for learning more about God

I yearn for God to condition my mind to understand His words
To submit to God’s will and not my own or others
God is now the center of my life and reality
And my one purpose is to please Him

I need no one else to teach me how to live
I present offerings to God of my body, mind, and soul
I commit to seeking pleasure in doing the will of God

I agree with God’s covenant
And to the conditions He makes
For entrance into His Heaven
I now focus solely on
His expectations, promises, and teachings

I am devoted to finding ways to delight in His presence
I accept His gifts with exaltation and praise
My body, mind, and soul are no longer my own
But bought at the highest price

There is nothing for me in this world
There is no other name I call on when I need help

I identify with Christ
And try to recognize His voice
As it is the only one I need to
Pay close attention to

I can relax in the confidence
That I am being watched and loved by God
Not for my obedience but for who I am
Therefore I strive to follow His commandments

I have emotionally accepted my place
In the Kingdom of God on earth and in Heaven
And my greatest wish is that I may be more like Him
My ultimate loyalty is now to Him alone

I need no other source of self worth
I will survive and carry on
Because I know that in Him alone is my peace

There have been times when I have been afraid
To follow God in all His ways
As I feared what He might call me to do

But I now know that anyone I follow
Will demand similar things of me
But without concern for my welfare
Or any promise of building my confidence in return

The things that make the Christian God different
Fundamentally from all other leaders
Is that He is a servant too
He longs only to do the will of God the Father

He does not claim anything that is not true
And He always follows through with His promises

He has the legitimate authority to do
Whatever He wants with His creation
And yet He gives us both complete freedom in Christ
But even with the option of declining this generous offer

His morality is beyond challenge
And His sacrifice is both so significant and grand
That He chooses to suffer alongside us

I do not want to run from God
In any aspect of my life
I want to embrace His plan for me
As He embraces me as I am

Why would I want to pursue my own agenda
When His is so much better?

We are often told to forgo the perfect for the good
But what if it were the opposite
We could have a perfect Leader
If only we would renounce our limited vision

There is but one way for us to be happy
And it entails being at war with the world
Christ is the Prince of Peace
But His is at war with the god of this world

His mission is to undue the work of the evil one
And to save us from our spiritual death
And separation from God

We can live in victory and so also in peace
With everyone we see and all who surround us
Because Christ has created a way

There is no need to find God
As He stands right before us
There is no need to travel the world
As God is everywhere that exists or we imagine

There is no need to suffer alone
As Christ and God’s Holy Spirit
Stand beside us and encourage us
There is no need to feel lonely
Because Christ has provided His Church

When we think of utopia
Why don’t we think of God’s Heaven?

When we seek justice
Why do we not wait upon the Lord?
When we are afraid
Why do we not call on the name of the Lord?

When we cannot walk further in faith
Why don’t we let Him believe for us
He is always watching our backs
Despite knowing all that is in our hearts

In the world there is little safety
But we can suffer the least
If we follow the will of God

We can be happiest
If we seek God with all our hearts