What it Takes

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by Ben Huot


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December 19, 2021

When will we be happy?
We already have instant access
To almost every pleasure
Anything reducible to information

We even require little energy or space
To house these magic boxes
Music, games, shopping, travel, and communication
Do you feel happier than you were
10 or 20 years ago?

I think this century will be
When we learn of the hard limits
Of what humans can do that they want to
What the limits of technology and social institutions are
Is advanced technology compatible with advanced institutions?

We are on the verge of
Finding out if it is possible
To live the lives of those
Who are characters in science fiction universes

For someone who watches a lot of science fiction
I, even with very low expectations,
Still find many of these worlds extremely depressing

Nature on earth is usually mostly destroyed
Although is seems insects survive or even possibly thrive
People tend to be more violent than previously
And most people become very poor

In utopian societies they usually are not technologically advanced
Or have some way to control technology
Or else they fail to be utopian

There is usually a prominent spiritual component in both
Religion never dies as does any other idea
It is just positive or negative in how it is used

There is always a place for God in His world
Because it makes no sense without Him
Rationally, emotionally, or physically
People will only be happy
When they have peace with God

We are not our own
And were never designed to live fully autonomously
We were always designed to live in concert with God
The only other option turns out to be a slave to our desires

Following our desires without self control
Ultimately leads to premature death
There is only one way to fully resolve this
There is only one satisfying path to God
That starts with admitting we are the sources of our problems

Definitely there is great evil in this world
And some powerful people make things
Much worse than they have to be

But we always have evil even in revolutions or failed states
Because we are all evil
Every last one of us

Until we realize this
We are going to keep chasing
One addiction after another
If we are lucky
We will only eat or work ourselves to death

Some people just try to avoid God
They don’t want to even think about Him
This coping method is sad
Because you still have all the suffering of life
Which comes from being human
Without the peace from the Holy Spirit

Our human society is based on fear
And as we look back it always has
It also depends on a reason for its leaders
To be the ones in power
These 2 things are key to national stability

We currently have the first but not the second
This is a much more painful way to live
Because no one trusts anyone
People end up believing whatever they want to
Without any basis in reality or thinking critically

It boggles the mind
How the people that released this technology
Had no idea how it would turn out

The only thing that seem plausible
Is that we over extended ourselves
And our leaders are planning to unwind society
They want it to happen slowly so that they stay in power

American exceptionalism is becoming less and less plausible
As we continue to find out information
On what it takes to run the world
Basically there is a reason why other countries are so cruel
Things are harder to control in other countries

Our ideology has made us free because we internalize it
So that we cannot even think of challenging it
Without giving up our most basic beliefs

America is synonymous with what is good and right to us
This is disregarding the reality from everyone’s point of view
From outside our homeland
Unfortunately God is caught in the middle
People on both sides claim religion to justify what they do

What we all should feel the need for is
Salvation from our own evil
We can be made good in the sight of God by faith in Him
This gives us the justification to be at peace with Him
And God then gives us the Holy Spirit as proof and later eternity in paradise

So our leaders should feel free to plead their case before God
And convince Him of their needs
If their needs are spiritual or otherwise legitimate
Then God will grant it unless He has a better plan
For the longevity of their souls