A Better Reality

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by Ben Huot


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January 28, 2022

Better than a drug, like the happiest moment of your childhood, Heaven makes your life on earth look like living in a computer by comparison. The Bible uses similar words for both the afterlife and space. I think this might be a reference to both the size and magnitude of reality that Heaven is all about.

The Kingdom of God is about true equality and true freedom. Think of Heaven as a utopia better than people’s greatest dreams for America in terms of the best and most universal American ideals. There will be true peace in Heaven just as Jesus is described as the Prince of Peace. This means we will experience peace, on all levels: peace with God, peace with each other, and inner peace.

Everything on earth has records and so does Heaven. All who are saved are written in a book called the Book of Life. We think of records as punishments, obligations, and bureaucracy. Heaven is very much not like that. The kind of records necessary are minimal because God already know everything, evil we be impossible, and God is accepted by all as the supreme authority.

Imagine how well things would work on Earth if we had complete peace on all levels and had a supreme authority we could trust to be fair. Even better would be if there were a system where we could have kindness and mercy along with justice and equality. This can be possible only through Christ and His death and resurrection. That is truly revolutionary by itself.

Christ says that once He left and returned to Heaven He would prepare a place for us in Heaven. After He returns to earth He will make a new Heaven and a new earth. Imagine Earth before the flood where people lived hundreds of years or more and there was so much more abundance than even in America when the Europeans first stepped on soil in the Americas. Then also imagine Earth before the fall and how we could grow things easily and never have to work hard to produce food or anything. Even nakedness had no shame in it or any weird meanings that it does today.

Imagine sex which we are so obsessed with today was actually designed by God, but that there is no sex in Heaven. Imagine having things so much more enjoyable than sex to do so that people don’t even miss it. Men especially spend much of their lives trying to find either spouses or relationships with a big focus on sex. Imagine if people had no sex drive and no desire for it. This alone would help heal us tremendously.

In the Earth today, we see the power evil as being real and it is hard to find God in our society. God speaks softly and the devil shouts. We are so busy doing what we are told today that we have no time or energy to have rest and have a relationship with God.

Imagine if you didn’t need to maintain your image to keep a good paying job. Not keeping an online presence alone would lower most peoples’s tress levels tremendously. Think of how more relaxed many retired people are who have secure incomes. That would be all of us in Heaven.

Christ was a servant as well. Imagine if you have ever had the experience of everyone just geeting together and getting the work done so you can move on and do something fun. Have you ever had a manger or employer who would work along with the employees to do whatever was necessary to get the job done? Have you ever had a leader in your life who would do whatever was necessary for you and everyone under their leadership to be successful? This is the kind of leader Christ is.

Christ is always described, as we will see Him in Heaven, as human even down to the scars on His hands and feet from His crucifixion and likely He will likely look the age He was when He died, 33. We are also told we will have bodies that will never age, wear down, or stop working for any reason. We will have perfect health and never will need to worry about anything medical going wrong.

Not only will there be peace in our lives in our daily life but there will be no hostilities, wars, disagreements, or even awkward situations to deal with. The lions are said to live with the lambs like they did during the flood. Imagine animals where one is a prey and one is a predator being friends. This also means there will be animals in Heaven and they will be happy on a level that even the best pampered pets on earth are not.

God is also our Creator and He first wanted us to share in creating with Him. Adam was charged with naming the animals and people were given the responsibility of taking care of His creation and making sure animals were well taken care of and had good lives. Obviously we fouled this up so bad that we have a hard time relating with this, but in Heaven we will be able to follow through with this again.

Christ also talks about us having responsibilities in Heaven as well. We are given in the parables examples of how in some ways earth is training us for Heaven. We are told that God wants us to use the gifts He gave us to make the situation better on earth and tell people about the Gospel. The Apostle Peter was told by Christ that He would be a fisher of men and we are told that the harvest of souls is great but the workers are few.

It is hard to imagine what Heaven will be like but if you look closely through what scripture talks about Heaven and compare that to our experiences on Earth, this should at least encourage you and give you something to look forward to.

Of course there is also a Hell too that is just as real. We don’t know much about it but the best analogy on earth is a place of burning trash. But you will not accidentally screw up and end up here without many experiences and people leading you away from it. God designed hell for demons, not people. Remember Christ talked about how no Christian with genuine faith will be taken away from God by foolishness or attack by evil.

The world has suffering and pain because we screwed up. God never designed for us to live as we do now. We have changed everything fundamentally so that things don’t work well for anyone. But God has seen this coming as He knows everything and so made a plan that we can not screw up no matter how much we try.

The apostles definitely screwed up majorly in numerous ways when the situation was the most pivotal. God can and will use any of us. Christ even brought a man back from literal death to serve God (Lazarus). Christ said that God can raise stones to be the sons of Abraham and that if no one worships God, the stones will cry out in praise of Him who created them.

So do not worry about Hell or losing your faith. God will do everything to get you to Heaven save He wants you to choose to be with Him of your own free will. This is because human choice and free will are very important to God.