Mixing Things Up

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by Ben Huot


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January 29, 2022

Scientists cannot distance themselves from what bad people do in the name of science anymore than Christians can distance themselves from what bad people do in the name of religion. Both scientists and Christians cannot control what other people do as a result of what they teach.

Christians and scientists both teach non-professionals about their system of thinking. But many people that practice said systems often do not accept all aspects of the teachings.

For centuries Christians have fought hard to keep their theology pure and static. This has had a great cost in fragmenting the faith into multiple institutions and under many different leaders. Scientists today seem to have a similar problem.

Most scientists claim science is not magic or a religion and yet this is how most people relate with science. You could argue that this is based on misinformation or flat out ignorance but so could Christians make the same argument about why people do evil in the name of religion.

Christ lived as a perfect example of how a Christian should live, but most Christians do not do so. But the Bible does not argue with this assessment either. Christianity is based on the idea that you cannot earn your faith by being good enough and that salvation comes from what God did. Furthermore it is not based on what we do save our choosing to believe.

So although the world expects Christians to live up to their ideals, Christianity very clearly and honestly says this will never happen. This may be a hard to understand concept for non-believers, but this is not contradictory and is consistent.

Christians often see science as necessary and reasonable but take issue when science moves into disciplines formerly thought of as best explained by theological arguments. When scientists try to explain the nature of reality and its beginning and end, many Christians would say that it is unfair that scientists can study these areas but if Christians take scientific ideas from Scripture that this is socially unacceptable.

I personally take issue when scientists say they are right about something that contradicts the Scripture and say then that to be rational we must accept the scientific explanation and stop believing in our faith. Many might think it easier to get Christians to stop believing because faith makes the study of science more complex and controversial, in some areas. But most Christians do not think science and Christianity contradict each other.

I flat out say that science is not always compatible with Christianity but then I will believe my Creator over a human expert. One of the evidence based and practical reasons for believing in faith over science is because faith has been the same since the beginning of creation. Science, on the other hand, has not reached a permanent decision on anything and never will. I also see my Creator as having more relevant knowledge, experience, and morality than any scientist.

Some of the changes recently in science challenge the whole basis if what it means to be a rational study of nature. Science cannot currently explain and prove why physics works totally differently at different scales. Even things like the existence of dark matter and dark energy are so vague that they are non answers. String theory is not testable by natural methods.

Also the complexities of the math involved to understand some of these theories really limit how a average person could ever have the time to master math enough to appreciate how they are not magic. Some of the ways in which scientists try to teach physics in general or explain theories like quantum mechanics without math make them seem more like science fiction or fantasy. The push to go back to the Moon or go to Mars fails to calculate in the economic factors necessary for this to work or be useful in any tangible or practical way.

It sometimes seems that some scientists are so concerned with separating science from faith that this hinders the progress of scientific discovery. Also the treatment of scientists with different views is very hostile considering many times their new theories prove to be correct and are then adopted by mainstream science. Black holes are one example.

During the life of Einstein, he had to argue against the idea of ether, which is very irrational and sounds very spiritual. Currently science is trying to cope with the obviously effective principles of Qi that comes from Chinese philosophy and medicine and that makes the nature of science even less clear. And many scientists have non-Christian religious views as well which makes it harder for them to be objective.

I think the world does not like change and Christianity challenges the status quo of the richest parts of the world today. America does not see a need for Christianity for its ideological narrative of being the good guy in the world today.

It is interesting that both conservatives and liberals both think America should be intimately involved in the world and this will make the world better. Both seem to want to use technology and law to force people to change their beliefs to what they want. Both also seem to want to change the moral system of the other group and none of them want to follow the morals the other group values.

Traditionally the conservatives in America were the dominant group because they held to a consistent message but today liberals have risen because they have been able to form a consistent coalition and consistent message of their own. It is interesting that the biggest issues in both conservative and liberal groups are so explosive because they make the other group look immoral in the way they look at life and the issues.

Religion and science are often coopted by both sides to push their agenda. Science is often used to put down people who disagree with them because they can say there is only one answer and their answer is the right one which cannot be argued with. Unfortunately religion in America is often used the same way. This is not to say there is anything wrong with either religion or science but that, although they are not exactly parallel conceptually, they are used and abused in similar ways.

One of the big similarities that most of society agrees on is they want justice or punishment on individuals they think are disruptive to society because they do not conform to their particular morality. Both liberals and conservatives have values as do scientists and Christians. It is possible to have a different moral philosophy or different moral priorities.

Most conservatives will agree that the environment or racial justice is important but likely will not prioritize it to the same level as many liberals would. Similarly many liberals still believe in having a justice system and a national defense but they may prioritize these issues differently.

Similarly with Christians and scientists priorities are really what separates the two disciplines of theology and science. Science is focused on the material world and Christianity on the spiritual especially the afterlife. Most Christians do care about the material world, but do not prioritize it over the afterlife. Many scientists do have religious beliefs but their professional focus is on the physical needs of people.