Broken and Unexpected

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by Ben Huot

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Some answers only come
When you have a blank page
Some prayers are only answered
Once you deprive yourself of something

How must we pour our heart out
Unless we first let You in?
How do we know what direction to go
If we are unwilling to go all in?

There is always room for more
But seldom do we learn to forget
It is hard to be comfortable with silence
Only in the waiting is faith built

I do not understand why
Many times a day
But I still learn more
Every time I pray

There is little we really need
Most things can be done without
Ceremonies impress others
But real decisions happen in private

It is often that I need help
But I fail to ask immediately
Even though You always answer
With better solutions

Why do we ponder the future
When we cannot even control
Something as simple as our desires
Or stop our exposure to evil?

How can we think that God suffers
But He doesn’t mind our impatience?
How can we be so reckless
With the lack of our own faith?

We need to stop fighting God
When He is already committed
To rescue us in His timing
If we would only wait for Him

We cannot speed up change
And be surprised by conflict
There is no way to have freedom
Without a degree of risk

Next time I stop worrying
I will be in the afterlife
We fear what we don’t expect
But not all roads lead home

In each step forward
We need to stop complaining
When truly in need
We will accept better answers

One thing I always remember
Is how to lose my mind
Struggle is never eternal
Because there is always an exit

I do not understand
Everything I have ever said
That never means
That I do not care

I step without hesitation
Only on my first time
Running away from danger
Next stop is my memories