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Welcome, visting human, pet, toy, or automated software.

This is an Old School Informational website


My writing is very religious, and biblical, (much of it is poetry) but it has something extra to it. Some people call this Zen (more precisely it is Philosophical Taoism) combined with my understanding of Christian Existentialism. I also incorporate ideas from other great mystical thinkers from the ancient, premodern, and early modern historical periods that I feel don't contradict the Bible.

Most of my 3rd generation books can be distributed as long as you do not change anything, according to their individual creative commons licenses. My 4th generation writings are all rights reserved and are not for sharing.


I also have created a large collection of graphics by myself over the last 2 decades. I allow people to use and create variations on some of these, provided they follow the corresponding creative commons licenses.


I have done the entire website myself and am almost entirely self taught using mostly freely available resources of the Internet. I have changed it very frequently since July 1998.