A Note on Fonts in Bibles

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by Ben Huot


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For Using this List

Categorizing of font sizing on this list are Not by Name and Labelling of Bible but by Actual Font Size. So I may be Marking some Bibles as Different than how they are labelled on websites, boxes, or in the printed Bible. It is Confusing but hopefully Less Confusing than it could be otherwise.

Font Sizes and Selecting Bibles

The best thing to Remember is to always Check the font size in Point Size and if it is not listed that often means it is very small type. Also remember that in Study Bibles the font for the Study Notes is generally 1-2 Points Smaller than the font size for the Bible text itself. The study notes are also almost always in a Less Readable font.

Subtle Details of Font Sizing

Also remember that 2 fonts of the Same point size are usually Not exactly the Same size. The fonts used on most Bibles seem to be mostly of Larger fonts. One of the Important sizes on fonts is the Height of the Lower Case Letters compared to the uppercase letters. This is called the x height. I have never seen this listed but if you can See a Picture of the Text and zoom in you can likely see this.

If You Need Further Assistance

And the last failsafe is this - use a Magnifying Glass if you still can’t see. This may sound ridiculous but I am so Serious about this that I have several of them for precisely this purpose. Get a good quality one. They are not very expensive. You can get them at most craft stores.