Why Go Back to Church Now? Infographics: Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds

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Why I Didn't Go to Church

  • I got angry afterwards
  • I felt I would be disruptive
  • I felt like it was a political convention
  • I didn't feel part of the church
  • I did not believe they wanted me
  • It was hard for me to sit through church service because they were long and because of my mental illness

Why Go Back to Church Now?

  • There is more humility in the American churches today
  • I have worked through most of my big issues with God and the church
  • There are little obvious political or doctrinal divisions
  • I have decided not to say much about myself
  • I felt like God wants me to go
  • I have an easier time sitting through shorter services as I have further recovered or compensated for my mental illness
why I went back to church