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by Ben Huot

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Post Covid Church

Science Fiction has become Mainstream

So Interest in Supernatural Returned

Feminism has become Mainstream

So Negative on Men and Church

Wealthy Church

Sees Politics = Religion

No Compromise Politics

Each Side Claims the Moral High Ground

Politics has been getting more aggressive

Job from the Bible Situation

Does Persecuted Church Still Honor God?

Persecution as a Social Outcast

Winner Takes All Society

Does Not Respect Alternate Views

Majority Drops Out of Society

Incompatible Differences

This is a story as old as time. It is how marriages often break up and wars start. The only thing surprising is that it happened so quick compared to other conflicts in history.

We have had this happen in our own history before with the Civil War and the "Indian Wars". Ironically these are tied in as well. One thing everyone seems to agree to hate is hypocrisy. These groups have different moral systems as well.

How can you do opposite things at the same time? Where do you even start? Maybe there needs to be a separation. The anger is not healthy. You cannot discuss almost any topic without it getting into religion/politics.

It makes me want to stop writing or thinking about religion/politics. What does the Bible say? I think of the Letter of James. One place to start is to see ways in which we have personally contributed to the problem and things we are willing to change about ourselves.

The things that seems to be the most divisive and makes people angry the most is calling them immoral or challenging their sense of ethics. Maybe we need another frontier or some way to give people more space physically and in other ways as well.

Some people have a hard time explaining their point of view. And when someone's mind is already made up, there is no point in arguing. People across the board feel they have no voice. Some have waited for generations and feel they had no recourse but to wait.

Our first reaction is that this is persecution of Christians but maybe the problem is our sin and our behavior is not Biblical. Really we have controlled America for many years and now we are losing control not being persecuted.

Christians are now experiencing a gradual change in demographics and a major technology revolution. These social changes are seen as religious because they see the major divisions in society to be religion based.

Christians should embrace new technology and engage in development of new ideas. They are facing a big cultural backlash because they have a very small and isolated presence in the intellectual and technology communities in Europe and America. By the time ideas get traction in the Deep South and Western areas of America, it is too late to change them.

Some people think everything should be based on reasoned debate. But the same people who claim to be objective are the least objective of all. Also this favoritizes people who are good at arguing. One of the biggest problems with America is we are obsessed with debate.

It also comes down to basic assumptions about life and the relative importance of different values. People are also heavily influenced by life experiences and advertising. I believe the whole modern world is a bad mistake. I could best describe my political view as apocalyptic.

infographic of Post Covid Church