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by Ben Huot

You are now in the 4th Generation Subsection of the Writing Section

October 16, 2021

Not of this World

We are not of this world

We are children of God

We are forgiven everything

We must forgive others of everything

We give freely as we have been given freedom

We see ourselves as the problem

And Christ as the solution

Grace was not free for God

And it will cost us everything as well (on earth)

The Educated

The Educated will never accept us

Because we challenge their beliefs

We work against all they hold dear

Fundamentally they look for human solutions

While we see humanity as the problem

We see God as the solution

They believe either God does not exist, is irrelevant, or is part of the problem

Religion does not solve the problem for them

For us the solution will never come from people

The Bible is Hard to Understand

It is the direct thoughts of God

It truly explains life accurately

It doesn't give easy answers to questions

Some things we cannot understand

Faith is believing when you can't explain why

God did not create a religion

Christ is a living God and Person

Being a Christian is more than a prayer

God wants you to wrestle with Scripture

Over your entire life

Make Old Things New

The difference between other religions is

You are supernaturally helped

By the good creator God

His Spirit actually lives within you

To encourage and transform you

Faith is formed over time

And requires a great effort

The Bible is like Christ Himself

Christ's birth, death, and resurrection resolves

The conflict between man and God

Faith is a living process

You live out your faith as you make choices

But God will guide you through other people


Feel Others Pain

Be Compelled to Meet their Needs

We are God's response to suffering

We are the feet and hands of God

Start serving with what we have

The resources will follow

Be generous so God will be glorified

Be the answer to our own prayers

Science = Atheism

Most people now believe that Science must be true

But that God only might be real

Science sees spiritual things as irrelevant

Scientific methods are now used to study people and religion

This is why people feel no need for philosophy, religion, history, and literature

Technology Discourages Thinking

Science and technology have reduced interest in learning

Education is being replaced by entertainment

In an age where learning is easier than ever

More people publish books than ever before

But less people read than ever before

Most people feel they are too busy to think

Brittle Society

efficiency or resilience

cheapness or responsibility

Would you rather be rich for a brief time

And then be homeless most of your life

Or would you rather have a stable and dependable income though modest

Modern society has chosen the first

Ancient societies chose the second

They lasted for a long time

We won't


Most of history the vast majority of the population were farmers

The longest lasting civilizations were agrarian

This technological level gave us the humanities

Philosophy, religion, history and literature as we know them

People were more moral when they lived farther away

And had less contact with each other

People shared the belief that the idea of God was rational

European Ideas

Politics of of Reformation Netherlands

Economy of 19th Century British Empire

Culture of Enlightenment Prussia / Germany

They fought wars over what we think now is not so different

Until unbelief got a dangerous foothold

We spread the Gospel around the world

But did not follow it ourselves

We gained the world and lost our souls

The same people who invented human rights

Brought the world into almost 3 World Wars

And invented some of the most evil weapons in history

Money is their God

A country that is operated like a Business

Where money is their God

Better than the alternatives is not a good enough answer

We need to be more creative in problem solving

But we don't value education

We teach people not to think

We have no history, literature, or philosophy

We have invented little

Our rhetoric does not match our actions

Because we believe the ends justify the means

And we always choose the easiest course of action

America's World

Modern Society cannot exist without

The current situation in the Middle East and Africa

The current situation in China

The current California world culture

This is the world America created

We like to blame our problems

On other parts of the same system

It is like blaming the foot

For what the mind decided to do

Or to blame the trumpet

For the what the composer wrote

Don't Fall For

Easy Believe-ism or Cultural Christianity

You cannot separate Salvation from

The Suffering, Death, and Resurrection of Christ

Or the Reality of evil

And Everyone's part in it

Being Christian means Changing

Our lifestyle

Our goals

Our activities

Being saved means you cannot keep it to yourself

Faith and salvation Cannot be Earned

But is is Not Easy either

Positive Christianity

We are away from God on earth

To build our faith

Where we must believe

With only indirect evidence

That we cannot fully understand

We get excited about living

After death without pain

This should motivate us to

Not give up on pleasing God

God will transform us

By cleaning away the bad

In His eternal timing

Ambitious Christians

God helps us overcome

Our fear of death

Because we know

Things will be better afterwards

God's Spirit living within us

Is our guarantee

Do as Much as we can

Not as Little

Because God is slow to anger

And quick to forgive

Science and Theology Do Not Mix Well

Using Science to prove the Bible

Just increases the blind trust people have of scientists

God does not have to justify Himself

With scientific arguments

If science could explain God adequately

Then we wouldn't need the Bible or faith

Furthermore you cannot prove theology through science

You cannot prove spiritual things through physical means

The point of faith is

That you believe despite a lack of complete proof

Real Debate over God

The debate isn't a technical one

Over whether God is real

The debate is an emotional one

About blaming God for evil

When we are the ones who invented evil

In psychology they call this projecting

Arguments do not belong in theology

And arguments between Christians over theology

Undermine the public perception of the Church

Prove your faith with your actions

And speak of your personal experiences

It is hard to argue with that

The Focus

We seek answers in the Bible

To explain our situation

To give us direction

As a guide for our decisions

And hope for the future

But we see it all from our point of view

Maybe we should try interpreting Scripture

As primarily talking about

God and His point of view

Maybe this would focus us on His plan

And worship of Him

And our needs would then be less severe

Ask what we can do

Not what we can receive