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by Ben Huot

You are now in the 4th Generation Subsection of the Writing Section

October 16, 2021

Why I don't sell my books

My books are worth more to me than their market value

If I got them published I would lose all rights to them

So I wouldn't be able to give them away for free

I don't agree with much of the media on both sides or how people build websites

I have little control over anything

I want to make the things I have control over the best they can be

I want to provide something of value in my lifetime

I want to express my feelings and I want to make the world better

I don't work well with charities because they won't let me do any meaningful work

Freeing things helps them spread better

Why Not Try to Persuade Others To Follow Your Ideas?

Be a record that not all agreed to where society was going

To speak what other people do not have the words to say but feel the same as me

There are usually more then one way to do things and I do not have all the answers

To keep people thinking and asking questions so others will not adopt half my ideas and then claim they follow me

The only essential things are

That the Creator God must be worshipped

There is only One God who offers eternal life

I want it to be easier to understand this by believers and non-believers alike while living in a culture that is fundamentally atheist.

Society Collapse

Society is breaking down globally

It is controlled and planned

It is happening slowly

This is to our advantage

This is to their advantage

Let this happen peacefully

Alternatives are worse for everyone

What is More Important?

Faith based traditional world values discipline and wants more God.

Science based modern world values automation and wants more technology.

Both want the government to push their side.

But both say they want less government involvement.

Hypocrisy on both sides.

Is it possible to be neutral?

Spiritual Knowledge

Why we lack it

lack of patience

easily distracted

lack of resilience

lack of imagination

lack of self control

unwillingness to commit

seeking easy answers

How we can gain it

practice our faith

to get good at it

practice is difficult and boring

but it is worth the effort

we are the problem

but we can solve it

by improving who we are

Human vs. God

God's law is your conscience

your conscience is God's law

human judgment is not truth

truth is not human judgment

God never changes

science always changes

what was good and bad throughout history

is still what is good and bad today

the Bible is hard

because life is hard

Top 10 Christian Statements

mercy is better than justice

forgiveness is better than revenge

you are forgiven everything

you must forgive everyone

heaven is free

following Christ costs everything

God created us

We must obey Him

God never gives up on us

We must never give up on others

Christian Worries and Bad Christians

Christian Worries

Christians are not worried that you won't like them because they love God.

What worries us is that you will not love God because you do not like us.

Bad Christians

Bad people know they need help

But normal people need God too

Because it is normal to need God

Cross Discipline Concept of Self

In circles within circles going from widest to narrowest. Colors in legend do not match colors exactly in circles as they bleed into each other.

Qi - transparent

Society - green

Spirit - blue

Mind - yellow

Body - red

Will - purple

Holy Spirit - grey

Blood and Light

Spiritual Warfare and Growth

Blood and Light title on top right

Caption Spiritual Warfare and Growth on bottom

Blushing sun in top left

Brown tear drop person

With x cross over his red heart

With a candy cane missile hitting his heart

With a series of concentric circles radiating out

To symbolize explosion

With a giant leaf and blue sky in background


Paradox moves down to balance

While disobedience moves down to humility

As humility moves up and right to faithfulness

And faithfulness down to pride

Then up and left to disobedience

No Rights, Just Grace

The Bible does not have inalienable rights

God has a different kind of justice system

Nothing is truly free

We are not guaranteed anything in life

We have all broken God's laws

And deserve nothing because of this

Until we ask for forgiveness

And choose to follow God

Then we are transformed into better people

Over the rest of our lives

If we continue to choose to follow God

God forgives us because He chooses to do so

God can forgive us because He created us and He suffered for us

Modern World is Easy

Peoples of the ancient world worshipped gods who were mean to them

Some followed God merely because He created them

Now we have 3 new reasons

We have the promise of eternal paradise

We have a community of believers

And we can have God live within us

This should encourage us not scare us

And it only takes 5 minutes to start

You will want to then spend your life in service and tell others

Because you will become a better person

There is a Hell

It is the underworld in mythology

It is compared to a place of fire and trash

This may be the future earth

Sin causes environmental disasters

The modern world is Babylon

Judgement for the modern world

Is happening through global warming

Weather will continue to get worse

As we continue to disrespect God's creation

Because of our greed

Prophecy is being fulfilled now

God is an environmentalist

And Christians should be too

Sin is sin no matter how or why

And everything costs something

Quality of Life for Christians

In the Letters of the New Testament

The Grace of God or Holy Spirit drives the interrelated qualities listed below







Bad News

Only God can satisfy

Money and knowledge cannot

Laws and technology cannot create stability alone

Evil is within

Change your mind

Change your behavior

Simple cause and effect

Good News

The Gospel is the solution

We can cultivate change by changing what we experience

Room for different approaches for different people with different problems

All need to read the Bible, go to church, and pray to change our attitudes

Try it God's way

Do not be a spiritual anarchist

The Most Important Thing

If you could do anything

To change the world or yourself

And you only had time for one thing

What would you do?

Christianity is about who Christ is

And His supernatural involvement in our lives

And our ultimate choice to follow Him

Christ offers a solution to suffering

He forgives our evil (or sins)

He gives joy and peace by living within us

He offers a community of believers

He also offers eternity in paradise