Schizophrenia in 2021 Infographics

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by Ben Huot

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Do you have Schizophrenia in 2021?

This is our time to shine.

Civilization is breaking down all around us.

But the only parts of our brains that give us trouble are those ones designed for us to conform to work in stable societies.

We could be leaders and with our heightened sense of spiritual things and paranoia could actually be useful in the near future.

Maybe we could be even teachers or leaders to prepare society for a life without the constraints of social norms.

Because we really know what fear means.

Where others might find it easy to be overpowered by fear and not be able to deal with the increased emotional stress.

This is second nature to us plus few of us find law enforcement to be designed for our safety.

We may not have our medicines then but what is crazy now might be normal then.

infographic of do you have schizophrenia in 2021?