Less of Everything

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by Ben Huot


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Ironically, for this tiny part of history, for this very small portion of the world’s population, most of our suffering comes from having too much. Few outside this bubble could imagine our lives because they are so ridiculous. We all have access to so much of what anyone of any other time in recorded history would call magic that it is ironic that we still have problems.

For us to think we would solve our problems by having more energy is the same way an addict thinks. Many of us do suffer some of the things people outside this bubble do, but most our current problems would be solved if we actually had less wealth.

Just like the Internet should bring wisdom, spread the faith, and help us solve problems, but instead brings so much evil. The Internet is so filled with crime and confusion, that we can never make practical use of its potential capabilities for good.

We had this happen before. The French Revolution was going to bring freedom and equality within one generation. Instead, it led us down the road to Nationalism in Europe and after 2 world wars, Europe lost both its empires and its faith.

In Les Miserables, they sing about every man being a king. The problem is when we have this much power, we then get all the problems royalty had. One of those is paranoia.

I am very lucky, after serving in the US Army, not long before 9/11, to only have Schizophrenia and chronic allergic pink eye. I understand very well what paranoia is as that is one of my biggest issues as well.

It is interesting that most of the conflicts we have now are with groups of people who have little to nothing of value and are very mobile. This is a problem as old as history. Throughout history they were known as barbarians, mongols, pirates, terrorists and hackers. It is a problem and a high cost, for those who hold wealth, to keep it from being stolen by others.

We do not think we have wealth, because we live in a world where we interact with people even wealthier than us. The truth is the what is considered poverty in America is an income greater than 75% of the world’s population. We think that if we had only a little more a month we would be happy, but billionaires think similarly.

We see this obsession with more in Bibles for instance. We stuff so much material in study bibles that they literally fall apart or the text is so small that we need a magnifying lens to read it. The world is being hugely influenced by America and our bad habits. That is actually our foreign policy. We are working to get the world addicted to our culture, so we can control them with our technology.

We actually hack the Chinese and Russians more than they hack us. The Cold War was won by machines not people. Why do you think the Russians or the Iranians got so interested in computers right after they were defeated with them?

We could end this internet crime in one day and make the world more peaceful instantly. Just let the other nations run themselves how they see fit. We see the world as coming against us but the world sees us as coming against them.

We can be happy again. Too much stimulation can actually cause pain. The cost of constantly wanting more means you can never rest. Instead of turning against each other, to try to get as much as we can, we should try denying ourselves.