Recommended Speculative Fiction Books

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by Ben Huot

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Historical Fantasy

  1. S. A. Chakraborty (The Daevabad Trilogy)
  2. Diana Gabaldon (Outlander Series Volumes 1-8)
  3. Naomi Novik (Temeraire Trilogy)
  4. Andrzej Sapkowski (Hussite Trilogy, The Witcher Trilogy)
  5. Jin Yong (The Legend of the Condor Heroes Series)

Classic Fantasy

  1. Terry Brooks (Small Magic book)
  2. Ursula Le Guin (Earthsea Series)
  3. Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time complete 15 volume series)
  4. Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials Trilogy)

General Fantasy

  1. Holly Black (The Folk of the Air Trilogy)
  2. K. J. Parker (The Siege Trilogy)
  3. Richard A. Knaak (complete Legends of the Dragon Realm Series)
  4. Mervyn Peake (complete Gormenghast Series)
  5. V. E. Schwab (Shades of Magic Trilogy)
  6. Michael Scott (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Trilogy)

High Tech Space

  1. Pierce Brown (Red Rising Trilogy)
  2. Christopher Hinz (Paratwa Saga)
  3. Cixin Liu (Remembrance of Earth's Past / Three-Body Trilogy)
  4. Adrian Tchaikovsky (Children of Time Trilogy)

New Science Fiction

  1. Alexandra Bracken (The Darkest Minds)
  2. David Dalglish (The Keepers Trilogy)
  3. Hugh Howey (Silo Trilogy)
  4. Tad Williams (Otherland Trilogy)

Classic Science Fiction

  1. Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy)
  2. Orson Scott Card (complete Ender’s Game Series)
  3. Frank Herbert (Dune Trilogy)

General Science Fiction

  1. Haruki Murakami (IQ84 Trilogy)
  2. John Scalzi (Old Man's War Trilogy)
  3. Neil Shusterman (Scythe Trilogy)