The Bible Above Doctrine

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by Ben Huot

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July 20, 2022

Humans develop doctrines
To try to understand God
But God is a Person not an idea
And we are asked to believe not understand

It is noble to be a teacher
And to spread the Gospel
But where our opinions start
Where the reading of Scripture ends

There is no one Christian worldview
Or one correct interpretation of Scripture
We struggle to put God into words
Because His thoughts are higher than ours

It is hard enough to describe oneself
Or any other person
How much greater a task would it be
To put God into words

The only correct doctrine is the Bible itself
If we want people to not get confused
And not come up with doctrine
That reflects a poor understanding of God

We need to work on the fundamentals
The fundamentals are not doctrine but practice
Read the Bible, go to church, pray, and interact with non-believers
Christianity is a journey with Christ for all eternity

We need not rush through salvation
Or misrepresent the commitment necessary
To have saving faith

To work on the fundamentals of faith
We need to encourage critical thinking
We need to promote literacy

And we need to broaden our understanding
Of all of God’s creation and human thought

We cannot be so afraid of evil
So as to be unwilling to meet with the unsaved
America is not lost and we need never give up

We are no better than the unbelievers
We are no less stubborn
We are no less sinful
And it is only by God’s grace
That we chose to be born again

It makes no difference
Whether we have been faithful
For our whole lives
Or we are saved just before death

The disciples went to the same Heaven
As the criminals hanging next to Christ on the cross

For a movement defined by spreading the Gospel
We have to first understand the culture
In which are witnessing

The world has been reset
Much as it was during the agricultural revolution

America and the world are longer different things
And the one thing the world shares
As a common language is technology

Most of the Christian world lives in poverty
Where we live in relative wealth
But spiritually American Christians suffer more

We need no new theology
Or new scriptures
What we need is not better translations
Or better understanding of the ancient middle east

We need better understanding of our culture
And be willing to listen to
What God wants to reveal to us personally

We need to forgive America and repent to God
For our judgment on the morality of non-believers

We need to start our work in America
As a new mission field
We need to examine what parts of this new culture
Are consistent with the Bible and what are not

We need to be open to the idea that change
Is both good, God driven, and necessary

We need to stop letting the world make us afraid
If you think you are being persecuted today
You do not understand what persecution means

Many unbelievers also feel afraid of the future as well
As we are making earth into a literal Hell

If we want to live a life of devotion to God
We have to rethink where we get our entertainment
And who we get our advice from

We spend too much time arguing
And focus too much effort on being American
Is our identity tied in with where we are born
Or Who it is we follow?

This synchronization between America and Christianity
Is unhealthy spiritually and emotionally
America is not talked about in end time prophecy
Unless it is Mystery Babylon

We have to see with faith
And not our media
We have to start thinking critically
And learn some history

We are falling for the same lies
Over and over again
The devil loves to distract us
And we are falling for it

We are being sidetracked on spreading the Gospel
Because we want to legislate our version of the Bible

Who are we to tell non-believers what they should do?
The law shows us our sin
But it does not save us

We need to renew our focus on Christ
And understand not judge our culture

If the point of the Church is spreading the Gospel
Lets focus on that instead of things that divide
It is hard enough to get people to believe
Let us not introduce further barriers to belief

We only need to preach and hold ourselves
To the example of Christ

In the Roman world of Christ
There were many evil things going on in the government
But the response of the Apostles were to pray for the government

The Apostle Paul used his Roman citizenship
To spread the Gospel
Not to argue about politics