Bad Individuals or Bad Group?

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by Ben Huot

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July 28, 2022

So you obey the law
Don’t you
As most people do?
But did you know
That none of us
Follow God’s laws?

Those who follow the laws
Then think most people are law abiding
And they basically end up persecuting others
Because they sin differently or more obviously

But the Bible refutes that assumption
At least in the eyes of God
And so also should it be in the Church

For many it is easy enough
To follow the laws of people
Because they are easier
Than many laws of God

The insights we do not have
On preventing crimes
Is that they start with thoughts
Then we talk about them
And then we act on them

You have to decide not to
Think about the evil
If you do not want to do the evil
Many religions have figured
This part out as well

Unfortunately any government
That tries to prevent thought crimes
Would be horribly abusive
Ultimately people must choose
To do what is right
Of their own free will and initiative

This is one of the reasons
We cannot prevent crime permanently

Another problem with policing
Bad behavior is that those policing
Are also engaging in bad behavior as well

There is no guarantee that
The police will always be just or consistent
Especially when others get in power
And the issues of the time change

Christianity is different
From the justice of the world
God’s justice
Is defined by His mercy
And His forgiveness

This does not mean
That it is ok to steal or kill
But it does mean there are more
Evil things people can do
Than are written in laws

And many of the earthly laws
Are downright garbage
Which again doesn’t mean
That we shouldn’t follow them

Lying, cursing, slander, and false testimony
Not listening to your parents
Are all considered crimes against God as well

Romans 1 goes on to talk about
Greed, envy, decit, malice, gossip, arrogance, boasting
Inventing ways to do evil
As all in the same category
As stealing and killing

We learn in James 4
That the conflicts amongst us comes down to
We desire what we do not have
This is because we do not ask God for it
And when we do
We do it so that we can
Just please ourselves with more possessions

Christ even says in the Gospels that
Even anger is a sin and will end in living in Hell
We are told to love God with everything we are
And love others as ourselves

The peace between God and others are linked
You cannot have peace with others
If you are not at peace with God

Even hating God is a sin
Or even not hating the world is a sin
God does not want us lukewarm
He wants us to choose Him
Unconditionally just as He saves us unconditionally

We have to choose whether we want
To please God or please the world
As they ask opposite things of us
In many ways all religions are similar
In that they want total devotion

The difference with Christianity is
Our God is the Creator and He is good to us
Plus He puts up with our bad thoughts and behavior
The other gods or people that are worshipped
Are not anywhere near as nice as Christ

This world has elected the devil as its leader
But God is the ruler of everything
And is the only legitimate ruler of us

When we decided to stop following God
And set up governments
And other institutions to rule over us
We ended up with corruption and abuse
By our earthly leaders

We need to start following God directly
And start by reading the Bible
Or learning to read
If we have not mastered that already

Unfortunately we cannot reduce the Bible
To pictures or video