Faith Means Patience and Listening

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by Ben Huot

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July 18, 2022

My life is what many would call boring
But this is not the whole story
My mind is very active
Even though my body is not

You can have adventures
Worthy of a lifetime of reflection
Without leaving home

Today we measure success
Through the metrics of money, sex, and power
As we feel the need
To have the approval of others

Few today see a need to please God
The most interesting parts of life
Are the spiritual aspects
And God is the most interesting Spirit

Life as a Christian is far from boring
Many times in my life
I would have wished it more boring
As a spiritual adventure can be quite terrifying

But the most rewarding encounters with God
Are in the quiet times
When we seek God by ourselves
Some call this prayer or devotions

To please God
Is the most rewarding activity
Emotionally, physically, and spiritually

Many of us encounter God
In painful and traumatic situations
But this is our choice not His

God created us to spend time with us
God can only be pleased
By our patience and listening (or faith)

Many of us today have much we want to say
But Christianity is more about restraint
Than it is about gathering followers
Or impacting many people

Changing who we are
Is one of the best ways
To convince others to change

Christ leads by example
Instead of being a king or general
Or anything else people wanted
Or expected Him to be

He was a teacher and role model
He wanted to have a connection with people
So He lived as one of us for a lifetime

And He wanted to free us from the
Devastating effects of sin

Christianity in general and Christ in particular
Are very much about the problem of evil and suffering
Christ was patient and listened
Even when He was suffering

Christ had to suffer to do what He promised and chose to do
We many times suffer because of our stubbornness and selfishness
Many Christians suffered for ideas they held onto
That were more cultural than Biblical

I for one do not want to suffer
Anymore for my country
On the other hand
I would do the best I could
To hold to the faith despite obstacles

Today we try to reduce pain through chemicals
And then we experience more pain
Maybe we need to change our lifestyle
And the way we think

The idea of slowing down
In what we try to do
Might mean we live happier lives

Many of use today
Are worried about how long we have
As a planet and as a species

And are rushing to finish doing good
Before it is too late

Just as I believe God will give
Each person enough time
To be convinced God cares about them

So the world will be given enough time
For us to accomplish what God
Has prepared for us to do

Our world is changing faster than ever before
But we as individuals need not do the same

The ideas of the Bible are more relevant today
Than ever before

And Christ is the only answer
That could satisfy our hearts
In the world we live in today