God’s Choice

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by Ben Huot


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July 20, 2022

Sometimes God works
By closing doors
Instead of opening them

Sometimes serving God
Means not pursuing
Whole aspects of life

Many expect so much of life
In this contemporary world
But we can’t have it all

Sacrifices must be made
As pursuing some things
Necessitates not pursuing others

God can help with this
And does so sometimes
By placing limits on us

Some things that are legitimate
For one person are not for another

Sometimes it comes down to priorities
Some of it is just about wisdom

Good things are often done for bad reasons
And bad things for good reasons
But neither approach is legitimate or ethical

Sometimes things are easier to understand
As to why we are not permitted
To do some things
That other believers are allowed

But God does not always
Connect the dots for us
Or give us a blueprint of His plans

There are general instructions
For all Christians in the Bible

But God also speaks to us
As individuals in our specific circumstances

We have to act out our faith
As individuals doing different things

Much as the patriarchs proved their faith
By doing different acts as called by God

What do we do when God says no?
How do we accept sacrificing things
That other Christians are allowed?

There is no normal Christian
And there is no easy version of faith
There is no quick or easy answer

Cancer is often fought as a battle
Against a sentient being

So we also struggle against not just circumstances
But also against evil in spirit and matter

The devil is the father of lies
And so uses deception
As his weapon of choice

Ignoring God or minimizing Scripture
Is never the answer

We do not choose how we must suffer
Or what things we must sacrifice
Any more than we get to choose our death

There is purpose and meaning in life
But the real goal is growing closer to God
As it is the one things we take with us
Into the next life

We often spend so much time bringing others to Christ
That we forget to take care of ourselves

If you want to grow in faith
You have to put in the time and effort

There is no fast track
Or simple solution
Faith is difficult period

Many people blame God for their struggles
Or they blame themselves

But there is more to the situation
Than we will ever be aware of
At least in this life

The interactions between all lifeforms
In both material and spiritual worlds
Must by truly astonishing

I am glad I am not God

I think of what God could do
To prove He was real
That people could not argue against

But then I think
God must be very careful with us
Especially when He does miracles

Indisputable proof of His power and authority
Could easily destroy our entire world

Many people give up on God
Because they struggle for so long
And they think God is too quiet

They want solutions to their problems
But maybe their is meaning and purpose
In some of the struggles

It would be terrifying to try to survive
For even a minute without God

I truly do not understand why it makes sense
To not believe in God to get back at God
You still suffer the same amount
But for nothing

But it is hard to be rational
When you are denied something
You see everyone else enjoying

It is easy to lose your faith
When life ends up so much worse
Than you ever expected it

But your faith will come back again
If you draw close to God
He will draw close to you

When you seek God with all your heart
You will then feel the reality of His presence