The Breakdown

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by Ben Huot

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July 18, 2022

Trust is a two way street
It is hard to earn
And easy to lose

Trust means giving someone
The benefit of the doubt

Trust means giving someone
A reasonable amount of privacy

Trust means believing the other
Has your interests at heart

Trust means not assuming the worst
Without proof and reasonable suspicion

Trust means allowing the other
The means to leave the situation

Trust means you believe
That the other will not lie to you

Trust means the other will be there for you
When things get difficult

Trust means you have a relationship

Trust is difficult to impossible
When you break your promises
When you abandon your principles
When they are inconvenient

When you exhibit no trust of the other
Even when they know you a long time

Trust means not adding additional restrictions
Without re-negotiation

Trust means not changing contracts
After being agreed upon

Trust means laws do not change retroactively
Trust means regulations are made in plain language

Trust means laws are not targeted
Just to certain groups

Trust means you believe in the integrity
Of both the media and justice system

If you cannot agree on anything else
Except you do not trust each other
Your society has lost trust in the system

It is dangerous to base a country
On nothing more than good intentions
Because it is hard too win the love of the people
But easy to make them fear you

Or make a believable deal with the people
Via an implied social contract

Having no trust means having no predictability

A world without trust has begun
With the trading of personally identifiable information
Gathered without consent or reasonable compensation
And sold to the highest bidder

With the one world government
Willing to do anything to further its agenda
Even things it cannot admit to its citizens
For fear of a breakdown of the homeland

With the open admission that
The individual matters less than the group

With the continued choices that prove you believe
In doing good things for bad reasons
And bad things for good reasons

With the technology being cheap and readily available
That allows people to commit all manners of crime easily

With the general acceptance among criminals
That framing others for your crimes is the first step in committing them

When there is little difference between the means and goals of
Criminals, your government, rival governments, and business

When the only thing separating the good countries from the bad
Is the good ones are more effective due to better training, more money, and a longer history of operation

This is how society unravels
When the country cannot agree on what is moral or not
And what direction to go
And then has a crisis where there is no clear enemy
To blame the problem on

No trust means no freedom of speech
No trust means the government is afraid
No trust means no one is safe

And fear is the result
Which is the true universal language