The Rock

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by Ben Huot

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July 28, 2022

Why is Christ so contentious?
Why would someone
Turn down His offer?

We all would
If not for a miracle
And the work of the Holy Spirit

We think we are wise
And God doesn’t get it
But He does

You can keep tripping over
And running into Christ
Or you can decide to follow Him
But you cannot just ignore Him

God doesn’t like arrogance
And we are full of it
All too easily
We think we don’t need God

Maybe God is letting life get harder
So we can more easily admit
That we need Him

There are things that are wrong
That have not changed since the beginning of civilization
That may just be part of being a civilization
Maybe that will be a wake up call
For us to start fresh and wait upon God

Now there is so much anger and division
It is really ironic that with all we know today
That we are not any happier
And there is no less suffering

We have been very foolish
In designing a society so brittle
That is can be destroyed by our enemies
From the comfort of their homes

Without risk
And using our tools and knowledge
We give away all our secrets
Because we cannot be bothered to put in locks

Just like the pirates, terrorists, and barbarians
They cannot be hurt
Because they possess nothing
They cannot be located
Because they constantly move
They cannot be outclassed in technology
Because we gave it all away

Ultimately you cannot win an arms race
Unless you are willing to bankrupt yourselves
You cannot own the whole world
Without a unified nation

Some things are so costly and so beyond reach
Like the moon
That even if achievable are not worth the cost

Computers are like this
Are the savings in money
Worth the cost of losing your society?

Someone put much effort
Into bringing about the industrial and information revolutions
They were not natural or likely
And they stretched us to the very limit
In the resources and social change needed to build them
All for what?

If those in power didn’t want us to have the technology
Then why did they give it to us?
If they were smart enough to create it
Couldn’t they foresee the consequences?

So if this is all unlikely
Maybe it is God steering society in this direction
Maybe this is how our strength
Is shown to be weakness

A grand illustration of the foolishness of people
And a breakdown of those structures
That put a wall between God and man

What is God’s plan in all of this?
This might be a bigger surprise
Than the first coming of Christ

If the devil is the father of lies
And God is the source of truth
Does it not make sense that
Everyone will know everything about everyone
And all good and bad will come to light?

That is in the beginning of the Gospel of John
People were living in darkness
And Jesus became the light of the world

The Church can then become the beacon
Leading people out of the darkness
By being the last social group standing

When every other institution fails
We then still have the Church

Just like the dark ages in Western Europe
We now have the Church to guide us
As we enter a digital dark age

No one will forget God
Because He does not need anything from us
He will always be around
And as science and technology change constantly
He is always the same God