Mr. Fix It

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by Ben Huot

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Like shifting a load
From one hand to another
Some things are just difficult
In very different ways

Letting go is hard sometimes
As is leaving problems alone

In each phase of life
Metamorphosis becomes more complex
The subtleties of the friendship
Bring forth new blossoms

Sometimes there are no solutions
That can be achieved by seeking them
Letting our companions find their own path
Is the only way for them to grow

Independence is worth fighting for
Whether in youth or maturity

We need to keep our grip loose
So we can shift our perspective
As seasons change course

I enjoy the freedom of adulthood
But I often feel very young
Not in body but spirit
There are so many things to learn still

While I spent time away from fellowship
I developed a kind of confidence

I have always been ambitious
I used to think of it as weakness
But no one overcomes great obstacles
Without a stubborn heart

Moving forward often strains the muscles
But the journey is worth the effort

We begin running
Later it is enough to just walk
As long as the direction is forward
Time will allow opportunity for change

When I get hot with anger
It inspires me to be self reflective
When my moral compass is challenged
I see the world differently

With help and direction
Anyone can pursue self improvement

When your environment appears safe
You can get too comfortable
And forget the dangers inherent
In the destinations ahead

Words can inspire or correct
But seldom do they give no effect
If I can overcome the limitations of fear
Maybe I can restore the heart of my youth

Where is this happy place
Between despair and enthusiasm?
How can a person be radical
While still being traditional?

When you have a sure outcome
You do not have to worry about getting lost

The only way to accept
All that happens in a season
Is to accept what is given
With open arms and a smile

Sometimes we can laugh at sorrow
Other times we can do little
But look on and stand nearby

At times I eat more than I can swallow
I have hungered for knowledge for many years
Like some hunger for vacation

This is not the way of peace
To never be satisfied
But it does help the journey to succeed
Even when setbacks are abundant

I do not know how to heal
In a way that does not require strain

It is ok to be happy
For where you have been planted
But stagnation causes some to lose hope

The point is often lost
When the words miss their target

Sometimes I cannot express the depths of my heart

When fear and misunderstandings
Surround me like a forest
I cut though everything

The only way in which I know to find peace
Is to keep pruning the new growth