Finding Ourselves

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by Ben Huot

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We in America today
Think we need to spend our youth
Finding ourselves
And changing the world

We still have that burden
Of telling others how to live

We all want to be leaders
None of us want to really
Put God first in our lives

To follow God means
Putting Him at the center
Of our lives and world
This does not leave a place for us
To stand on a soap box

If we truly want to know
What would Jesus do?
We need to remember what Jesus did
And more importantly
What He didn’t do

We do not grasp what it means
To be truly selfless
Or what it means to change
The spiritual world

The most significant thing
We can do to change the world
Is to find peace with God

Our entire culture and economy
Are based on more
We are never satisfied
With just doing good

We think even when we
Worship God and do His will
We need to affect enough people

We still see the Church
In numbers and dollars

The evangelization of this
New world culture
May take longer than our lives
And make use of other peoples’
Time and talents

It may not be for us
We have to have the humility
To understand that everything
May not take place
In the span of our lifetimes

Each generation tends to
See prophecy in their
Own generation’s terms

We cannot see God’s will
Because we are too focused
On what we do
And not on what He does

We need to have
The faith to rest
And be at peace with
What God has given us to do

For most of history
A person would spend their lives
Digging dung out of a horse stall
This is not an exciting life

But it is better in many ways
Because it kept us occupied
And many of us out of trouble

There are not some jobs more important
Than the jobs we try to avoid

We just don’t understand
The depths of our wealth and power
And how this keep us
From finding peace with God

Christ truly thought different
Unlike other great leaders of the ancient world
He did not exemplify strength or beauty
He became one of us
To show us how to become more like Him

Christ is still the most revolutionary
Hero of all time
Because He was willing to listen

He was willing not just to obey
His Heavenly Father
But His earthly mother as well

When the devil tempted Him
It was about power
He was tempted with the position
To really change there world
Like we would try to do

He did always have the authority
To save not just Himself
From the torture of the cross
But from having to live in defeat
In terms of how we see the world

He not only spent time
With immoral people
He lived in the world of the weak
Of those living under His judgement

The society that turned their back on Him
And He took part in their punishment
Through His entire life
Not just on the cross

The most powerful thing
A person can do to change the world
Is to kneel before their Creator

We have everything backwards
In America today
Our first response is to punish
Our political and social enemies
Christ knew we were our greatest enemies

We have an empire built on wealth
We keep choosing to associate Christ
With wealth, power, and arrogance

We have an unhealthy desire
To have the approval of our leaders

We will soon have to choose
Whether we will put God first
Or our political and social values

Because we cannot choose to serve
Both God and money
We cannot escape the role of servant
Because we serve such a God

It is right that others lead us in this world
And we focus on the next one
We only have one shot at this
So we must put God before country