Forever War

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by Ben Huot

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All wars are evil

Bombs from your people
Hurt your rivals
As much as bombs from your rivals
Hurt your people

We are insulated from this reality
Because a few of our people
Suffer greatly
And make our opponents
Suffer greatly

We own the world
We won it with violence and deception
As every other empire has

When we want to be wealthy
And this is how we can live as we now do
This is the same as thinking others
Should live in greater poverty
Than the poorest in our homeland
Because there are always limited resources

One percent of the population
Now has literally half of the world’s wealth

Many fear losing our wealth and power to China
But we face much greater threats
From global warming
To social and political divisions
In our homeland

We are our own worst enemies
The rest of the world combined
Cannot even get a small number of troops over here
Even if we had no military, intelligence services, or widespread machine gun possession

I know a little about paranoia
As that is one of my greatest
Symptoms of having Schizophrenia
It is painful, lonely, and exhausting
To constantly be afraid of irrational things

When we get so worked up
Over things so unlikely to happen to us
We suffer ourselves for no reason

It does not hurt our rivals
In fact our rivals want us to fear them
That is how the tactic of terrorism works

Only cultures that have no chance
Being able to defeat their rivals
Will resort to terrorism

Terrorism requires you to do things
You do not want to do for a greater good
The Middle East and Africa do not want to be
Part of our entertainment culture

We are using techniques invisible
To us in the homeland
But are very obvious
In the homelands of our rivals
To manipulate them into surrendering
To our immorality

Ironically there are many similarities between
The Middle East
And a large group of Americans
They both base all their political ideas and social groups
On nothing but their personal or popular religious views

Both Christianity and Islam
Are not organizations but ideas
They are like most religions
Focused on the deity not us
They could also be organizations
And were at one point

But so many divisions happened
So no person is in charged
So it is a grass roots movement
God is in charged directly
Which as it should be

Both groups believe
The ends justify the means
And both are not happy
With the current social order
Both want to revert
To an early era of history socially

Both are afraid that the other
Will destroy them secretly
Both know basically
Nothing about the other culture
That is accurate at all

Both have a powerful presence
Throughout most parts of the world
One side has already won
Every part of the world
But the Middle East and Africa

Many of these same Americans
Have an unholy alliance with
Southern California culture

Where you get your information from
So also you get your views on morality

The solution could be
To not force everyone into
The one world government

America was happier in many ways
And was likely wealthier
When it left the rest of the world alone

Certainly Europe benefited when they had
Long standing peace between major powers
That was the tragedy of World War 1

We are now in a very similar situation
Germany was leading up to World War 2
In terms of technology, society, and politics

The difference between these is that we
Have a bigger and wealthier empire
We are also more efficient economically