Global Pacifism

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by Ben Huot

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Slogan 1

Choose peace
And reduce suffering

Slogan 2

No one wins with war
Stop the aggressive foreign policy
Stop alienating the world

Slogan 3

Wars don’t bring peace
Stop the anger
End the suffering

Slogan 4

Stop the violence
Stop the suffering
Stop the ambition

Slogan 5

Politics doesn’t solve problems
War makes problems worse
Morality applies to nations too

Slogan 6

We don’t need to fight wars
Because we already own
Everything in the world we want

Slogan 7

It is easy to vote for war
When you are mad at others
And you don’t have to fight

Slogan 8

We cannot do evil
And still claim to be good
When reality contradicts propaganda
People stop believing you

Slogan 9

The basis of our power in the world
Is that we are good
It unravels as people learn
This was never true

Slogan 10

Jesus died
So wars don’t have to happen
Not on our watch

Slogan 11

Another war in the Middle East
Americans think the world is ending
At least they will learn some geography

Slogan 12

When famous Americans
Advocate extreme and dangerous political ideas
The world loses more and more patience

Slogan 13

When someone does something evil
Do not respond by doing evil
This applies to world politics too

Slogan 14

Peace is worth being kind for

Slogan 15

Violence is never the solution
Internationally too

Slogan 16

We want all the wealth
But don’t want to risk anything for it

Slogan 17

If we followed Christian ideals
On a national scale
The world would be a much better place

Slogan 18

Many of us want a Jesus
Who doesn’t challenge us
To change what we believe in

Slogan 19

Why are there so few Christian pacifists?

Slogan 20

What would Jesus do
If He were a national leader?

Slogan 21

If we had to choose between
Making America great
And Christianity great
What would we choose?