Heart of Our Culture

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by Ben Huot


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The heart is deceitful above all else

In a world full of knowledge
We cannot find the truth
If only we knew what questions to ask

We always want more
In a culture of temptation

In our efforts to solve problems
We created the technology
That tears our world apart

We need to mature a little
And find a way
To make it harder to do evil
And easier to do good

When knowledge is everywhere
And anyone has access to it
It is too much power
To be used wisely

In making power more accessible
More of us become irresponsible

I think God really is guiding history
We will eventually realize
That we cannot solve our problems without Him

People often talk about
How our culture is individualistic
But our problems are more
Than a lack of community

We still have all the negatives
Of conforming to what others think

We are being conditioned
To fit a certain mold

The government wants us fat and lazy
Not just so we will buy more stuff
But that we will never think critically

The thing that scare our leaders most
Is the possibility of them becoming irrelevant

Just like the Roman Empire
In Western Europe
Gradually lost influence
With the only thing left
Was the Roman Catholic Church

And after the Reformation
Napoleon looting the churches
And the dissolution of the Jesuits
Not much was left of it either

Religion will always be relevant
Some things in scripture
Probably make more sense today
Then they were for generations
Preceding us back millennia

I am learning much more
About spiritual things
And about our culture
That I never put together
Quite so clearly before

We struggle so much
To answer our own questions
And meet our own needs
That others around us are irrelevant

In a society free to do
Whatever they want
People have no idea
What to do with their freedom

For centuries it was possible
For one person to learn all the knowledge
That was known in their part of the world

Now we can never even completely read one book
We spend so much time
Sifting through information
That we never learn anything

We all collect a huge amount
Of meaningless information

Soon everyone will know
Not just what we have done
But what it is predicted we will do
Based on some very simplistic and flawed models

Everyone who wants to will get this information
But first to law enforcement
You will be arrested and denied basic services
For what your thoughts are

It is hard to imagine
How people who want to say anything
Regardless of the consequences
And force others to listen to them

Are going to justify this
As progress and freedom
And some kind of family value

As the basis for America
Changes to the point
Those who founded it
Could no longer recognize it

We should stop lecturing other cultures
About how humane we are
And how we are so much better
Than everyone else morally

A certain segment of the population
That doesn’t want to stop fighting wars
But won’t sign up to fight them
And sees a military or police solution
To every problem

Is going to realize
That the government has used them
And is now dumping them
Now that they are no longer needed

We think of America
As being free of propaganda
Or that it has only been this way recently
When their rivals are in power

But we are taught this
Like propaganda is spread

The business of America is business
In many people’s minds
And advertising is now the same as surveillance

When you monitor society
To the degree that we do now
The government has not trusted us
For a very long time now

Maybe if our leaders listened
To certain parts of the government
That were designed to aid
In the decision making of our leaders
We would be in a better position today

But being educated today
Is seen as a sign of corruption

Business men are trusted more
Than people who dedicate their lives
To public service

It boggles the mind so see
How those with all the power
Seem to think they are being persecuted

When the weak and powerless
Sometimes hear some news
That gives them hope

Maybe if we were less aggressive
With our methods in expanding our influence
We would be less angry at each other