One Truth - Many Opinions

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by Ben Huot

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This part seems obvious

The Bible is completely true. People have different opinions on what this truth is. People honestly seeking this truth disagree. Where do we go from here?

I think theology as we know it

Is either less important than we think, Or we have a theological method that is not ideal, Or we have added too much of our culture or history to it.

Is this a bad thing from God’s point of view?

Maybe the Bible was not designed to give the same answer to everyone. Maybe we can be theologically wrong and this is acceptable.

My Takeway

Most people are not entirely rational. God knows this. This is why applying scientific methods to theology has its limitations.

The early Church had similar issues.

They took radical methods to solve immediate problems, They mixed this with involvement in politics, Resulting in the separation of the Persian Church and Rise of Islam.

New Global Culture

Cultures seem to collectively bring together an irrational and often conflicting combination of beliefs and standards. There is a new global culture forming and what we have in common is the Internet and computing.

New Culture Clash

Our country is successfully using the Internet to export Southern California or Hollywood values to the entire world. The only effective opposition to this goal comes from the Islamic World. Neither one of these groups is good and we have good reason not to support either one. Biblical values are not being represented by any player in politics.