America Never was Christian

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by Ben Huot

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The world in the 21st century is not giving up on religion. In fact, the world is more obsessed with religion than ever before. Europe and America combined are a small percentage of the entire world population.

The constitution is not based on Christian principles and most founders were not theologically similar to Evangelicals at all. Many of the ideas Evangelicals today in America have are from England of the 1700s and 1800s.

The way our country sees ethics and morality is vastly different than what the Bible teaches. These ideas come from the Enlightenment, not the Bible. Modern atheism and New Age religion come from this period.

Fundamentally, the Bible teaches that God sees freedom and rights fundamentally different. Anyone teaching differently is basing it on erroneous information either maliciously or out of being taught things that are not factual.

In the Bible, we are either slaves to sin or slaves to God. This is a purely spiritual distinction. The terms used are intended to impress on us the fact that we need to take seriously our spiritual situation.

God chose to save us at the greatest cost to Himself, as we chose to not follow certain basic rules. We have value, because God chose that. He has the power and authority to say so just as He had the power and authority to create reality with His voice.

The only similar concepts between Christianity and American government pertain to the Bill of Rights. These are the legal equivalents of kindness and mercy. These character traits are ones Christians need to have, to prove they have saving faith.

We should limit the power of the military and law enforcement. In countries where no one gets away with crime, many people also are in prison because they were doing something Americans claim is their right. This includes the freedom to practice their religion.

Any country our size throughout history was referred to as an empire, regardless of how they described themselves. We also control most of what goes on in the world via our technological, economic, and military superiority. We actually created this world we blame others for, as we were the only world power for at least 30 years.

One of the ways we control the world is by getting the majority of the world’s resources cheaply and easily. This is accomplished by putting in corrupt leaders. We then pay them off to keep their populations in continual poverty.

We have hundreds of small wars going on at all times, to enforce this. We also train people to commit crimes in foreign countries, to manipulate people into doing what our leaders want. This is how the Department of Defense works.

They do good things for bad reasons and bad things for good reasons. They also believe in sacrificing a few people and many animals to suffer greatly for a larger group of people. This is the way every powerful country operates and the difference is mostly geography and history.

At this point, the entire world economic, political, and social system is based on electronic surveillance and it’s democratization. The technology spies from big nations had 20 years ago now is available inexpensively and designed for novices. There is now very little difference between police, organized crime, militaries, governments, and corporations.

Personal information is now worth more than oil. Mostly it is a bubble. It cannot be worth more knowing what you might buy, than you actually buying something. Governments though will always pay for it, as well as criminals.

This situation, the US deliberately set up for the world, is much like the books 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell. Democracy is the same as Imperialism. It looks different, if you live long in a 3rd world country, than it does within America. This is because we live in the homeland of the empire and we have American citizenship.

The reason why we have freedom of speech in America is because there are so many voices, that it all gets lost in the noise. There are also some very powerful people, who most people listen to and will believe anything they say. We are less knowledgeable about the rest of the world than most other countries and this is by design. Not only do we have a anti-supernatural bias but also an anti-intellectual bias in America.

Many people now think America is wealthy, because God has blessed us with this. If that is true, then why do most Christians in the world live in poverty that makes our country’s homeless look rich? Why also are they persecuted in very painful ways, unlike anything we ever have or will have in America?